[or Trade] Nimbus Shadow base and bar

Hi everybody,

I am making the jump to a KH Zero and I don’t feel like modifying the Nimbus Shadow Base for it (I have the damaging touch…).

So here is what I have for sale (or trade for a TBar kit):

  • Nimbus Shadow base in good shape (no cracks on welds and the usual pivot bolt mark)
  • Pivot bolt
  • 4 washers for the saddle bolts
  • a 22.2 clamp (for securing a bar)
  • a modified KH handle (sides are cut at the base mount for an easy fit)

Note: it does not include a pivotal post !

(see next post if you want a bar too).

Ideally, I would like to trade for a KH TBar mount system. Otherwise, I am asking 60 euros + shipping from Germany (OBO).

I also have a uncut straight T Nimbus bar with KH triangular bar ends.
Some impact marks but no big damage.

I may keep it if somebody offer me a trade with a KH Tbar mount system.

Otherwise, I am asking 25 euros + shipping from Germany if bought standalone or 20 euros and bundled shipping if taken with the base.

As usual it is OBO so don’t hesitate to PM me with offer for trade or $$.

Do you still have Shadow base for trade?

What did you cut the grab handle with?

I used a saw and pliers :smiley:
Not the cleanest job but it fits as expected and the structure does not seem to be weaker :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you still have shadow base for sale?

Since my success with mounting a KH Zero on it, I gave up on selling it but did not feel like locking the thread (as it bumps it).

I will do it now :wink: