[or TRADE] Kris Holm/Onza black hub with 165 cranks


I am in the process of revamping my unicycles (a KH 29er from 2005 and a custom 26 wheelset).

Once done, I will have the Kris Holm/Onza black splined hub from my 2005 29er no longer used. It has the usual wear and tear from a bit of cross-country and mostly road ride. I haven’t ride it hard 'cause that’s why the 26" wheelset is made for.

I have no picture of it now as it is still in place (can picture it though if you really want a pic) but plan to as soon as I get it off the wheelset and polished :wink:

Up for sale or for trade :slight_smile:

Finally, I have been able to make pictures now that the hub is no longer installed.

(For a higher resolution, click here).

The left crank (top one) is a bit more scratched than the right (bottom one).
Everything has been cleaned and includes all the spacers and the cranks have the self-extracting ring.

For the trades, just contact me by PM with what you have in you garage (seat post, handle bar, saddle, pedals, whatever-else…) to discuss it =)

Here is a proper picture of the hub+cranks:

(For a high resolution of it, send me a PM).

None of your pictures worked

I know, I am running out of luck my both of my hosting accounts. And with the “no edit after 10 minutes” rule, it is even harder to keep a thread clean.

Let’s give it another try:

If you cannot see the picture above, you can go directly to this webpage that display the same pic and has a link to a full resolution version:


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