or trade KH older model trials.

I have a KH trials unicycle I got in a trade which is not being used. I’d rather have a medium to heavy duty 29er to ride around campus to replace my weakling road 29er. I’ll have pics up at a later date, but if you have any interest shoot me a message. I am located on Long Island and near poughkeepsie New York.

Pm sent

Thank you for the spam Melissa Collins


Do you have pictures of it?
Thanks :smiley:

Whoops, hadn’t seen your reply. I don’t at the moment but I’m sure I can get some.


Hey do you know how much you would want for it if you sold it? also is it a 19 or 20 inch?



Do you know what year it is? Also, which cranks are those?

The cranks are KH Moments. Based on the pics, I would say 137mm. As for the age, based on the hub it is somewhere between 2009 and 2014.

Not sure on the year, I got it from a friend. He hasn’t rebuilt the wheel though, so like SV said it’s between a 2009 and 2014, though on the earlier side of that range. I’ll verify the crank size this week.

I think it’s a 2009, in 2010 the spoke hole offset on the rim was increased to 10mm.

Any interest in a 26" Pashley?