[or TRADE] Brand new Impact white trial tire

Hi everybody,

while going over my next build for my nephew, I realized that I am an idiot and ordered a trial tire forgetting it will be a flatland build ! :astonished:

Too late to return it so I am posting it here. It is brand new and spent its time sleeping in its box. It’s an Impact white tire 20x2.5 (67-387).

I would love to trade it for a 20in tire (2.3 or bigger) to avoid being short of a tire. But I have other things on my wanted parts list (saddle, seatpost, brake mount, spooner/star fighter). And of course, $$ works too.

Shoot me a PM if you are interested (laughters accepted).

Bump. Tire still looking for a new home. Any tire 20x2.125 or bigger welcomed for a trade :slight_smile:

Trade for seat post

I have a Kris Holm seat post that I would be willing to trade for the tire. The diameter of the post is 27.2 and the length is 7 1/4 inches.

PM sent

Has this been sold yet? I have nothing to trade but would be interested to buy if you might offer it at some discount from the store price.

Sorry, it is gone and I just did not close the thread to prevent an unecessary bump. Good luck in your search :slight_smile: