Or Trade: 26" Large Marge

I have a 26" 36 hole Large Marge rim. It’s all black, no machined braking surface. It’s in good riding condition. It has some small scratches, but nothing that will affect how it rides. I haven’t ridden it in about a year, since I decided that it’s a bit overkill for the midwest.

Option 1: Sale. Asking 125 shipped for the rim, a set of black spokes that it’s currently laced to and the nipples. Not including the hub it’s currently on. Spokes should work with a KH or Nimbus hub.

Option 2: Sale. 200 shipped for the wheel as is currently. It’s the rim on a Profile hub and 170mm cranks. The spindle is a little worn, so there’s a little play in the cranks (silver hub, black cranks). Rides fine, just has an annoying feel. Also includes a Kenda Kinetics 2.6 and a pair of (old style, with the set screws) snafu pedals.

Option 3: Trade. I’m looking for a KH or similar 47mm rim. 36 hole. Would prefer to trade my rim and spokes for your rim and spokes, but am flexible. This is the option I would prefer.

Also for sale: I have a brand new, never mounted, Kenda Telonix 2.4 tire. It’s This 2.4 version. It’s a great xc tire. Grips very well in dry, sandy, and rocky conditions. 30 dollars shipped. If you want 2, I have a slightly used one also. Both are 50 shipped.

I can either ship, or bring with me to the Vancouver weekend.

See PM