or TRADE: 2005 KH MUni wheelset

If I was staying with 24 I would be perfectly happy to stay with this setup, but as it turns out I am headed towards a 26.

I have a KH MUni wheelset to offer:

KH 24" rim, Gentle grind to smooth the seam for better braking
KH/Onza hub
KH/Onza 150mm cranks
DT 14 gauge spokes new as of September 2009
Intense DH 24X3.0 tire, Has some miles on it, but you really can’t tell. It looks new. This tire seems to wear like iron.
24x3.0 tube, I can’t remember the brand I think Kenda.

What I need:
I am ready to move to a 26" rig, so I’m looking for parts to build up the new wheelset. I would also like to try a KH street saddle, or Nimbus Gel if there is an extra sitting around.

If you are interested in buying this wheelset pm me an offer.




1st would you be willing to sell the whole thing?
2nd how much?

After looking around at former sales on this forum I think that $150 would be a fair price. It’s in excellent condition all the way around. The only real blemish is the surface rust on the cranks where it says Kris Holm and Onza. That is pretty common on these cranks and doesn’t effect the strength at all.

is that for the whole thing or just the wheel. cause iam looking for a muni

It’s for the complete wheelset including:

You would still need a frame, seatpost, saddle, and pedals. If you have any of these parts sitting around you could build a solid MUni with this wheel.