Options on Freestyle and Trials orders


This is a rambling post, but bear with me.

I’ve been looking into getting a freestyle cycle and a trials cycle, possibly both. So, I’m over at unicycle.com looking at the ‘ordinary’ Miyata Seat 20" Yuni Freestyle Cycle ( http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=594 ) and the as-yet-unreleased Yuni 20" Freestyle cycle w/Kris Holm seat ( http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=629 ).

I’m wondering if anybody could answer a few questions for me about some questions I had that came up.

  1. For a 6’1" (or close) rider, who has short legs for his height, making him more the equivalent of a 5’11" or 6’0" rider, what seat post height should I get for a Freestyle Cycle? The ‘standard’ (Miyata Seat) Yuni offers 200 and 300, but the ‘KH Seat’ Yuni has an additional 400 option.

Which seat height would be right for me?

[I do have a spare Miyata seat post extension lying around the house in case that matters.]

  1. Why is the KH Seat version not available until Dec 10? I could call Unicycle.Com but it is 9pm here and I’m hoping somebody has a solid guess. I’m wanting to order sooner rather than later, I’m thinking.

So, what’s up with that?

  1. I notice the crank length choices are 4 inches and 5 inches. Which would you all recommend? I personally would lean towards the longer cranks, so as to make transition of skills back to a 24" or larger wheel seem less strange. However, it is only presumption that the longer choice would be “better” when for all I know there might be some proportional “muscle memory” (feh) I’d be defying more by going that route.

What are the pros and cons of crank length here?

  1. I noticed that a “powder coat” option is available for the KH Seat Yuni, and that its some other kind of gloss coat black otherwise.

What exactly is a powder coat vs a gloss coat, and why does it cost more?

  1. Why would one Yuni (KH seat) offer black frame options, but the other one (Miyata) not offer them? They have the same frame, at least I think its the same one. Is it an issue of Unicycle.Com trying to make the new KH option more appealing? Or is it an issue of them just not going back and updating all options on older choices because of the semi-static nature of the pages?

So, do you think I could get the black Yuni Frames instead of Chrome even if I order the Miyata one? (It is available NOW).

  1. How does the Sun Big City rim on the Miyata version compare to the Sun BFR double wall rim on the KH Seat version?

  2. How do the “chromed steel” crank arms of the Miyata Yuni compare to the Bicycle Euro crank arms on the KH Seat Yuni?

  3. How does the 2.1 “The Wall” tire on the Miyata Yuni compare to the 1.95 Maxxis Hookworm?

If you can’t answer all of these, just answer the ones you can. If somebody else answers and you have a different opinion or additional information, go ahead and post it.

I like the look of both cycles, and I slightly like the look of the KH Seat Yuni more, but only slightly, I like orange, and I’m tempted to try the new seat, but I dont want to wait until December to order.




Hi Lewis,

1.) Easy. Get the 400 mm and hack it down if it’s too long. There is a 400 mm post available for Miyata saddles too:

2.) I talked to John about this last Friday. They won’t have the saddles until December. I have beheld a KH saddle in person and I’d have to say they’ll be worth the wait. Impressive quality.

3.) Up for debate.

4.) I’m guessing that their “gloss coat” is sprayed on, like spray paint. Powder coating consists of covering the frame with little paint pellets (in a solid state) and then baking (melting) them onto the frame.

5.) I’m guessing you can get any color you want on either frame.

6.) Shrug.

7.) I’m a big fan of the black Bicycle Euro cranks. The chromed steel cranks will likely bend a little sooner than the BEs.

8.) The Hookworm looks cooler.

The GB 400mm seatpost is very nice and more rugged than the standard Miyata seatpost. I’m 5’8" and have one on my SemXL frame with no extension and it is fine. The stronger construction means that it won’t acquire a dent like the standard Miyata; I have very few seat-twisting adjustments to do now. Be aware, though, that the seat adapter has a slight upward angle (15 degrees?) which is different than probably all the other seatposts mentioned. I think the upwards angle is more stable and secure but it can be a little tougher on the privates.

The Primo tire is easy to get from the local bikeshop and rides very very nicely. I don’t know about the Hookworm.

I angle the posts up because I found that saddles were more comfortable with the slight angle.

If you disagree you could probably carefully form the seat plate to a more neutral angle in a vise, or place a couple washers on the back two bolts between the seatbase and the seat post.

here are some answers, however some are just opinions and the others aren’t quite what you asked.

  1. sorry cant help , i’m a “normal” size person, however note that the standard miyata seatpost won’t fit the new kh sadles, but the gb post will work with both.

  2. we’ve already got them here in the u.k., i’ve got one on my freestyle uni and i can honestly say that i’ve never sat on a more comfortable unicycle seat. if your desperate then you could order one from here.

  3. many freestyle gods use shorter cranks because it makes piroettes and idling much smoother, however in trials and off road you want longer cranks so you can apply more force to the wheel and it helps for landing drops.

  4. powder coat is harder wearing although i’m not sure how exactly they do it.

  5. buy it all as parts and you can have whatever you want

6 no idea but i’d recomend the primo hula hoop, it’s nice and its completly rock solid.

  1. i prefer the b.e cranks but i’m waiting for some special cnc aluminium cranks that roger at unicycle.uk.com is getting made

  2. the diference is 0.15…
    the primo wall is thicker and has gripp that extends all around the tyre.
    unless you specificaly want a thinner tyre i’d go with the primo wall, i find that 2.1 tyres are much more comfortable to ride on than 1.75 tyres,
    and the rims tend to be stronger
    the only advantage of the hookworm is that it looks funky.


Hey, you and I are in the same boat! I’m trying to decide between those two as well. I’m waiting to get it for Christmas from my parents anyway, though. So I might get the normal one but upgrade the Miyata saddle to a Velo saddle when they get them in.



Yeah its a tough call. I’m waiting on Rhysling to get his Stealth Torker in so I can see if I like that enough to go with buying one … assuming I still can by the time we figure that out.

I may get both cycles. Not sure yet. :slight_smile:


I really wish the Stealth Torkers had kept the flat crown! Then I’d probably go for that for sure. But I’m planning on doing some one-footed stuff and want a flat crown.




Why is it coming from Missoula, Montana? Won’t John and Amy sell you one? What did you do to get snubbed by them? Let me know if you want a seatpost extension.

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Phil, just me

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Whoo hoo! I’m well on my way to lunch at Taco Bell!

(I became invested before they became available at The Source; if I had ordered it there, it already would be in my simian hands. The Source should be happy with me- I sold a couple Cokers for 'em this last week end. :))



If you plan to do Trials and Freestyle both, get the 5". Easy decision. I used 5" cranks on my Freestyle uni for many years. They’re a bit long for some things, but were good enough for me.

For Trials, you wouldn’t like short little cranks. I think you would hate the lack of leverage of the 4 inchers.

Why December 10:

All the cycles are gathering dust in the Unicycle.com warehouse. They just want to make you all psycho before they start shipping!

Not. Apparently the development and production process took a little longer than anyone wanted. They are hoping to be able to receive, and start shipping, on Dec. 10.

Powdercoat vs. Paint:

I’m not an expert here. I think powercoat is more durable. But they are both forms of paint, and will chip off in time. I prefer chrome!

Stay on top,

Someone wanting a nice freestyle uni should just buy mine. :frowning:

Ha-ha! I got you beat. Mine is sitting at my front door waiting for me to get off of work at (ugh!) 8:30. It got there a whole day early even.