Options for a cheap indoor trials tyre?

It seems I need an indoor non-marking tyre if I want to ride my uni at unimeet at the weekend. I only have a 19er trials uni (and larger 26er muni and road 29er - the latter I plan to use to get there as it’s only ~5 miles from home for me). Is there any cheaper option apart from £35 for a Nimbus Blizzard?

Can get “indoor” tyres rather cheaper for a 20" uni, but I don’t own one of those (or at least the one I do “own” is on long term loan).

Most of the non-marking tyres are BMX 20" ones rather than 19" trials, as you’ve noticed. You may have more luck finding one for the 26" wheel. Or it may even be cheaper to buy a cheap 20" wheel to use in the trials frame.

Trials tyres do seem to be some of the worst culprits for marking floors as well, so probably best not to risk it (although I see plenty of people riding black trials tyres at indoor unimeets).