option #3, push the boys in their trailer...

Usually I bike my 4 year old and 2 year old to daycare in their trailer, but the bike is apart on the work stand in the garage. Tried for option #2 and put the boys in the car; dead battery; one of the boys left the overhead light on. 4 unicycles in the garage in perfect working order… option #3, push them the 4 km to their daycare. Was wondering before if it’s doable and it is! Helps to have a Wike trailer that–if dropped–stops itself by dragging the front. Unfortunately can’t make this setup the default option or put it into regular rotation, too painful on the lower back.

Maybe you could extend the handle and do that regularly…

That still is really awesome, and would have been hilarious and great to be a by stander just seeing a Dad push his kids some where on a unicycle.

I’ve done that a number of times for short distances like 1-3km with great success with my 24" and a regular “big” off-road capable stroller. The only thing with the stroller is that I make sure that even if I start to lose my balance (I’ve never fallen with the stroller) that I do not push down too much on the handle as the stroller could tip backwards. And just to be sure I use a loop of webbing to tether myself to the stroller so that if I were to lose my balance I still cannot lose the stroller. The stroller has a handbrake on the handle, so it’s really easy to slow down or stop and makes it really stable (I can pull the brake to stop and then balance against the handle).

I’ve been thinking of trying this with my 36" but I’m going to wait a little until I get a more proficient (only had the 36" 2 weeks), But as the 36 is so much higher I may have the same problem as in your photo that the handle may be too low.

I also have a Chariot bike trailer that in theory would be nicer to use, but there are 2 disadvantages: 1) it doesn’t have a brake so I’d have to get used to that (there aren’t any hills on the route to the daycare, so should actually work) and 2) again the handle is probably too low for the 36" although it shoult work fine for the 24".

I still remember vividly a really great youtube video from about 5-6 years ago before I had kids where a guy takes his 20" out with a stroller, goes down a big hill, which the baby likes, and then does a great trial session while the baby sleeps in the stroller. When I saw that video, I was like, “that’s a cool way to be a dad!”

You could extend the handle, but careful not to caterpult your kids:D:p


I think I’ll stay away from MacGyvering a longer handle, from previous experience I’m certain to just be wasting time and ending up with an inferior product that doesn’t pass muster.

@MUCFreerider, pretty cool you do this regularly! I got into unicycling on a sporadic thought I need a ride that I can mess around on when riding with my little kids. Unicycling really fit the bill to ride beside the boys when they rode their slow tricycles and bicycles. Expanded my horizons since then :).