Optimum tire pressure for hopping on a lx?

I would like to know what you guys think would be the best psi for a 24" lx with the stock tire. I have started hopping but cant find a really good pressure for riding and hopping. This is what I will have to use till I can afford a trials uni.

…a…5psi…? Maybe you will bend your rim and be forced to work a bit more till you can afford a uni made for hopping. If I were you I would keep the psi high and just have fun cruising with a nice smooth ride. A 24 LX is hardly ideal for hopping, and it will last you along time if you dont hop with it.

I usually just use what feels right, but enough so I don’t bottom out on drops or fold the tire. I think someone once said that a good rule of thumb would be to use 1psi for every 10 pounds of your body weight. That’s about right for me. I weigh 145 so I use roughly 15psi.

Not for me. I weigh 190, and I ride about 30, sometimes up to 40psi.

Your not riding an LX are you? 15 on a LX would surely bottom out.

leave it at the recommended pressure. its not worth the damage it will do to your rim. if you want to hop learn on the LX and get something better when you can afford it. i have flatspotted a kh rim at 28 psi and i weigh 140

Lx will hold up quite well. My friend Donnie rode his LX doing natural trials, mainly on rocks, and I have picture of him doing 3-5 foot drops with it.

Just find a pressure that doesn’t bottom out with you pre-hop, land off ledges, and keeps to minimal fold.

Yeah I have a torker 20" lx, and I run about 15psi and don’t bottom out. Again, I only weigh 145. My gauge might also be off somewhat. I run about 18 though in my Muni; it has a LM rim and a Duro 24x3 so maybe the unusual configuration changes the psi requirement. But I also do much bigger drops with the MUni than the torker, which would easily break if i did the same stuff as on my MUni!

I weigh 125 and I risk bottoming out on LX with anything bellow 22-25.

Hmm, one of us has a tire gauge that’s not accurate, and I think it’s probably me!:o

I think it probably is too haha. With a tire that skinny you definitely shouldn’t be running 15psi.

This still totally depends on the tire width, or volume. For skinny (1.75 or less) tires this would make for a pretty unridable situation at any weight.

Don’t go looking for tire pressure numbers. The optimum pressure for anything involving hopping is this: “Enough to keep your rim off the ground.” Beyond that, adjust to taste. Experiment.

And don’t believe what most tire gauges tell you.

Yeah, I was having a hard time believing what my gauge was telling me, so I called it a liar, but then people looked at me like I was crazy! (haha, was?):stuck_out_tongue: