optimum seat post length


My new muni has a 6" seat post tube. How much of the seat post should I leave inside the seat post tube after cutting it down?


Work the maze.

About 4 inches.

It might be worth leaving at long as possible until you find your ideal riding position. But if you are sure of this then… about 4 inches.

Once I found my optimum seat height I cut the seat post so that it is flush with the bottom of the seat tube. This way I can take the seat out and install it at the right height for me without fussing about.
I think the more post in the tube the better. :slight_smile:

how do you lower the seat then?? I currently have my set up the same way, but intend to cut off another 3 inches from my seatpost. I would say cut off only what you are sure you dont need. Leave yourself a bit of play in case a taller/shorter rider would like a try. Or if you decide later to play with the seat height. You can always cut off more later, but it’s hard to grow more seatpost


I have almost 3 inches between my tire and the bottom of the seatpost. It’s a 24"x2.6 Stout tire on a Bedford frame. Lots of room to adjust the seat length.

Ahh… see my uni on the bottem part of the seat post tube there is a bit of steel that protrudes, like a spot weld or something. From what I can tell the sole purpose of it is to stop the seat from going beyond the end of the seat post tube… So I cant lower my seat at all right now :frowning:

Hacksaw here I come!


Re: optimum seat post length

“Checkernuts” wrote
> … So I cant lower my seat at all right now :frowning:
> Hacksaw here I come!

It’s easier to use a pipe cutter. Way way easier.
I recently chopped my 500mm post down to 400mm so shorter riders could ride
my 20" and so it would fit me on my 28" Nimbus. It took a few seconds with a
pipe cutter, Hacksawing it would have been so much fiddlier and I don’t
know what shape the end of the tube would end up.