Opinions wanted--rest, or wait

Hey everyone.

If you recall my November video, I said at the end, “Then I tore my hamstring.” Well, it turns out I didn’t. The doctor couldn’t tell anything was wrong from an x-ray, and asked if we wanted to get an MRI. We said we would in January, but we never did.

In November the pain was:

Could straighten or bend.




I was feeling better in mid January. In fact, there was a short period of time where I could straighten and bend my leg.

then something happened and it all went back.


Can’t straighten, but I have been able to bend. I have to stretch sometimes though.

Today: I got back from skiing today, and was in the car for three hours. My leg hurts pretty bad but it could just be sore.

My parents told me they are gonna take my unicycle away for a month to let my leg heal. Do you think I should take a month off, or wait until it heals?

until it heals! man don’t take a chance to hurt you’r self more!!

Definitely rest. I tore my acl and meniscus in November and finally had surgery a couple weeks ago. That took me out for the 3 months in between the initial injury and the surgery (I was able to ride a little bit the last month but I couldn’t jump high enough to do 3 spins which I could do before I got hurt). Now I’ve had my surgery and it’s 6 months recovery afterwards, but most people don’t get back to their previous performance level for at least a year after surgery. So basically I’ll be out of unicycling 9 months before I’m even supposed to start working again and then I’ll have to try to work up to the point I left off. And I’m also missing my track season because of it. The road to recovery is a long one! Definitely take care of your injury now before it gets worse and is even harder to fix or becomes a nagging injury.

Also, I would be a bit concerned there is something more wrong. X rays just show bone, not softer tissues such as ligaments and muscles. I think you should have that MRI done. (Just my un-expert opinion)

Good luck!

Hey. I got an idea, go get an MRI.

or more x rays.


The thing is, it doesn’t hurt that bad. I stretch, and it’s fine. It won’t fully straighten, but it doesn’t really hurt.

I’m not spending your money, but i think it’d be a good idea to know whats going on before you blindly blow out your knee and spend thousands in medical bills.

If your insurance covers x rays and MRI’s and any other scans and tests, get em.

you seriously do not want to mess up your knee for the rest of your life, and thats what you could be doing if you keep on messing with it.

i’d recommend getting a knee braces maybe too? and keep off it for a while.

Edit: well, i’d keep off it and stretch and such and ice it when it hurts, but if your insurance covers tests/exams/MRI’s/Xrays, get em. If not, and you dont wanna spend money, then just keep it iced and stuff, and dont make it hurt, and dont do anything that would provoke it unless your confident. Maybe rock some crutches for a while?


rest, check into physical therapy too! That will help a lot. Some things take a long time. I was out in a cast for 7 months. Still cant do anything serious for 6 more months it seems. I got a meniscus tear removed and that took 4 or so months to heal good. It was faster since I had PT otherwise it would have been 6 months or longer I’m sure!

I’m gonna take a break for a month. There won’t be a March video. Maybe even April. I’ll check into physical therapy too.

Yeah, it’d be an idea to get it looked at and to rest it. Better that than to be in pain from it sometimes and run the risk of a more serious injury. I done something to my ankle a while ago, I figured It’d sort itself out, but it hasn’t, then I figured if somethings wrong with it I might do something worse and not be able to unicycle.