Opinions please

The missus says I can have a new unicycle for Christmas. What do you guys think of:

Impact Gravity 42mm
Qu-ax 19 inch steel frame Q’axle
Qu-ax RGB series 19 inch
Mad4One URC CrMo Trials 19 inch

All opinions welcome.

I think they are all incredibly horrible long distance unicycles… :roll_eyes:

In all seriousness, to give an opinion on these, I’d need more information on what you want to do with it.

In my opinion, the missus is up to something.

If this is your first unicycle, then any one of those will do.

If not, then get yourself a big wheel (29-36") instead so you can go riding with the missus on her (new?) mountain bike too.
Win, win.


Are you a flat land freestyler?

If you can already do some basic tricks on your 24 or torker 20, or have the “deep desire” to learn more freestyle tricks, then go for it and spending $300+ on a trials is a great investment in pursuit of more “fun”. Keep on.

The missus hates mountain biking, normal biking…well basically any biking including motorbikes. And yes she is always up to something.
The reason I went for trials size is that having a look around where I live, I have a very local patch of rough ground with boulders, bits of old pipes etc hanging around. Otherwise it’s a few miles trudge to anywhere remotely suitable for a big wheel unless I want to get flattened by traffic. So it’s all down to available opportunities that I can take advantage off.

mad4one all the way. simply better quality and super customizable