Opinions please on my choice of uni frame

I have been stringing U-Turn along for weeks now about creating my new unicycle. Please help. He’s going to make me a 29er road uni with a great wheel and other kickass hardware, but I’m stuck on the frame choice. I could go with a Semcycle XL chrome, which is cheap and strong, but average bearing holders. My other choice is a Hunter frame, my choice of powdercoat, not necessarily a stronger frame, with those great bearing holders. Money is not an issue.

Opinions, please.

How about a new Kris Holm 29" frame? Great bearing holders, and as far as I know, its the lightest 29" frame out there. You could then get it powder coated so it doesn’t just look like the stock KH29. Darren Bedford sells them for $125 starting this July if your interested.


Its got brake mounts too, and dont forget about the noodles!

Will the KH29 frame fit a standard hub? Is the bearing spacing right? I know you’ll need to use a shim to fit a 40mm bearing in the KH29 frame which is designed for a 42mm bearing. The main issue would be the bearing spacing.

Re: Opinions please on my choice of uni frame

For me, the choice between the two is simple–Hunter. I dream of Hunter frames. I personally don’t have one, :frowning: (I have a Yuni frame) but I think Hunters are the coolest looking things, and from what I gather, utterly strong. Plus, they add a bit of extra security when locking your uni to a bike rack.

Have you considered GB4 frames? Speaking of U-Turn, a couple of weeks ago I saw this amazing Coker that he brought to a NY Unicycle club meeting–it had a red GB4 frame and a Miyata saddle and it was out of this world, it was so excellent. My 11 year old daughter was riding around on it and she had never cokered in her life before, but she said it felt so utterly perfect…

When you think about it, no matter what frame you choose, you can’t go wrong in any way if you have Dave Stockton building your unicycle–from what I’ve seen, all of his creations are true works of art. If I wasn’t so broke at the moment, I would have ordered a hunter- frame coker from him ages ago, but hopefully some time in the future…Ah, there, I just said it again, Hunter frame…

Congratulations, and good luck with your new uni!

Re: Opinions please on my choice of uni frame

It’s all about the Hunter. You know you want it.

the Sem cycle has a super short seat tube, so if you over 5’ 5" your going to have a mile of seat post sticking out which looks bad and leads to your seat twisting. get the Hunter since you have a money tree. if you get the Sem you will always be thinking “sould i have got the Hunter?”

It is decidedly so.

Thanks for the input, guys. Dogbowl, Dave suggested either the GB4 or the Hunter, but GB4s are going to take forever to get (according to George himself.)

The only reason Sem XL was even in the running is because Dave met up with me (and Steveyo) in Albany a few weeks back and he brought a uni with a Sem XL frame with him. I thought it looked and felt pretty good, so he said he could use it to make my uni if I wanted.

Alright, y’all talked me into it. Now the color choice… Like a kid in a candy store…

Just so I don’t leave you with this impression that I have loose hundreds falling outta my pants, this purchase is the result of years of saving my birthday money and promised donations forthcoming for my Big 4 - 0 …


YELLOW would be sooooooooo cool on a Hunter!!!

Oooh yeah baby :smiley: :smiley: :wink:

I vote orange, or lime green, but its your choice. Excellent frame choice digigal! I really can’t wait to see the finished product.


I was actually thinking of the lime green!

weee haaaaaaa

Get a new 05 KH 29er frame.

Nice,shiny lime green…

A 36" that went down to a mid-Atlantic state a couple of years ago (wow, has it been that long? yes it has…)…

It’s truly inspiring to see how that type of thing really pays off! I am currently saving my pennies and quarters for that big coker purchase, some day, hopefully via the same “U-turn” route you have taken! It will most likely be a long long time, but it will be worth it, that’s for sure…

Oh, and you are sooo right about the color!
Lime-green Hunter frame, YES!!!

Edit: As soon as I posted this, I suddenly realized that U-turn himself had posted a photo of the EXACT marvel coker I was dreaming about (except for the brake lever). (see picture above)
That’s it! That’s the one I want! (once I fill the old piggy bank, that is…)

Melted butta; Rick’s finish work is amazing.