Opinions on this safety equipment for me

ah two errors:

  • my nose won’t fit in that new helmet!
  • I need metal to protect my bigoteras (they disappear in the image!)

back to photoshop!

Brian, you put that stuff on a michelin man and it will probably be a perfect fit of me when I get all that gear that I was told to order.
She finally asked my how much the LX cost ($131.00 with tax, etc) and she thought it was around $500.00!!! Guess I should have bought the coker on unicycle.com also. That still would have been less than she was expecting, but then all I could have done was starred at the coker and dream :wink:

Thanks Gild :slight_smile:
You all will probably see too much of my newbie postings :slight_smile:
Any way, time to mow the lawn and then get back to learning/practicing!

i doubt it
at least u can spell

That was all one sentence. Allow me to break it down:

If unign has survived to the place of jumping onto stacked cinderblocks without ever whacking his shins with the pedals, he is not normal. Most people have done it at least several times before they reach his level of ability! Shinguards may not be necessary, but for an “oldfatboy,” they should be good protection from errant pedals.

Of course a helmet “may not be necessary.” You only need one if you hit your head on the ground. :slight_smile:

Grass: Not recommended as a learning surface. Yes it is generally more friendly to fall on, but like carpet, it’s a lot less friendly to ride on. Stick to pavement or a hard floor. Additionally, it sounds like your grass needs a change in mowing pattern!

LBS: Yes, they don’t sell much safety gear. We are not bicyclists. You can find some nice (expensive) stuff for hardcore mountain biking or BMX though.

Also beware of advice from people who learned to ride by pushing off from a wall and falling off thousands of times. Yes you can learn this way. No most people over age 30 did not learn this way. They tend to be more methodical.

DO allow yourself to fall off. Practice falling off. Practice falling down. Nothing else will better prepare you for when it happens for real.

Thanks John for all the info/help :slight_smile:
I just showed my neighbor my unicycle and he got a kick out of it. No sarcasm or anything. He thought it was pretty neat and said he expected to see me out on the street sometime riding it!
Yes, the lawn does need a different mowing pattern. The people that lived here for the previous 20 yrs just pain some kids to mow it. Most all of this retirement home trailer court has narrow yards, so the kids just went up and down year after year. They didn’t want to take the time to go cross-ways :frowning:
Well, the safety gear is already ordered (last night) and them my wife got online and ordered all her birthday stuff. Maybe that is why she wanted me to order everything! :slight_smile:
I really should have put in a order for the coker on unicycle.com. Maybe I could have done it since she was going to order her some things.
Oh well, something to look forward to.

You are really hooked on this. Didn’t this start out as someone looking to buy a unicycle but trying to keep the cost down? We talked you into spending a little more to get the LX. Now, you are buying safety gear and before you can even ride you are thinking about buying a Coker. Welcome to the world of unicycling.

As one old guy to another, hold off on the Coker. Learn to ride the little wheel first. The Coker will not be easier to ride and it is a lot farther down to the ground when you fall.


All correct :slight_smile:
To be honest, my wife is disabled and isn’t improving. That is the reason I quit my job. I wanted to be with her and take care of her. I think she worries that if something happens to me (no income, no insurance) we would be in a real fix. For her ease of mind, I went along and bought the equipment she said (all that I listed previously).
Actually, not getting hurt (too bad) was in my mind and that is why I asked the original question :slight_smile: I was looking at the equipment, but was going to follow you guys recommendations till she came in the room and saw what I was looking at and discussing with all of you.

When I saw a picture of a coker the first time, I was hooked :slight_smile:
I looked up everything I could find, and downloaded a bunch of movies to watch. I couldn’t/can’t get enough info about them.
Being that the area I live in now is flat farmland, I dream of cruisin’ around the country.