Opinions on Nimbus unicycle

I was shopping to get a new unicycle and the one that appealed to me most was this nimbus. I was curious if anyone had any opinions on this unicycle. I am totally new and haven’t stepped on a unicycle in 5 yrs and only then to fall a few times. I am interested in short commutes and mostly trail riding on it. I mountain bike now and am looking for a challenge :slight_smile: . Thanks for the advice!


Good and strong uni that wont disappoint you.
The Venture cranks that are standard on this should suit you well.


Another vote for the Ventures. This will be a great Muni machine, and lots of opportunity for growth, but still great right out of the box.

Thanks guys! I ordered it and upgraded to the moment cranks seeing it was only $30 more. Hopefully, they will work out well.

I saw a nimbus today and they are incredible! I want to get one now myself. Even if you cant really ride it, its fun to bounce on, seriously!

Hi cbs,

Where is you see a Nimbus? Are you hanging out with other unicycle riders? I have a 24" Nimbus and would recommend it. (I like 24" wheels for just playing around on and riding in the area. It is a bit too small for real road riding but much better than a 20".)

Yeah, finally got to see a unicyclist ride! :smiley: I’m very happy to see how a few things are done in person as its not the same as seeing it on u-tube. Now I really want a Nimbus as mine is fine for riding, but it would be nice on yucky days just to hop on one inside. :stuck_out_tongue: Compared to mine, there is more room on the pedals, the tire seems laterally more stable, the seat is tons more comfortable, more comfortable in general, and very bouncy! I want the 20", but would get a 24" later if I decide to do muni. I’m pretty short! I really dont need one yet as it will be a couple weeks til I am really riding I think, but I want one lol.