Opinions on K1 Aluminum vs CrMo Trials Cranks?

Comparing the K1 140mm aluminum cranks with the K1 135mm CrMo “street” cranks…

Both are K1-ISIS and the CrMo pedals have a Q-factor.

Which would you put on a trials uni? Which is stronger?

You can see info about each at municycle.com (UDC-Germany).


well traditionally, I should be telling you that the 140mm cranks are better for trials however if you’re into skinnies, and pedal grabs on natural objects, i would say go for the 135’s as they have q-factor and the 140mm cranks dont. The other advantage to the 135’s are that when riding skinnies it’s just a little bit steadier because you’re feet aren’t moving around so much. that’s my 10 cents, my 2 cents is free.

Yoggi himself has said that the aluminum cranks are stronger than the street ones.

140 is a good size for trials, but 135/7 is also really nice.

since u said trials, go for the 140s they are stronger than the 135 streets.

I was wondering, just how much abuse will the K1 street cranks take(ie: What size stuff does it take to bend them?)?

the drop that snapped my light hub also bent my street cranks when i attempted it the first time. them bending probably saved my hub on that attempt haha. they are still verry ridable just a little crooked. the street cranks should be fine for trials as long as you dont do any large drops like that.

140s for trials. 135s for flatland or street.

Nope, 135’s for flatland, street and trials.