Opinions on Buying...

Well, I’ve realised why it’s so hard to ride my damn unicycle,
I brought it thinking it was a 20" but I’ve just found out that it is actually a 18". Going along with the fact that I am 6’3’’ it’s fairly difficult.
I checked out a bike shop today and saw some uni’s that were my size and they looked so much easier than the tiny thing I am riding.
My question to you guys is which would be the best option for me?
I wanna get into trials/street stuff eventually, but that will come with time…
I can choose get:
http://www.unicycle.au.com/View.php?action=ProductDetail&Code=UNIR20 - for $140(Aus)
or http://www.unicycle.au.com/View.php?action=ProductDetail&Code=UNIN20 for $250…
otherwise I could order another uni from the website…
any recommendations, opinions and tips from you guys would be great.

where do u live? like what city?

dude, go the nimbus, or better yet, save up a little more for the qu-ax!!
street uni’s arent great for using as trials unicycles, they rnt built for the force being put on them from trials!!

woops, i didnt look at the links first… i was talking bout the trials uni’s but the best freestyle uni out of those two is the Nimbus II

if u tell me what city ur in or wherever, i could give u a good supplier… he sold me a nimbus 2 really cheap… i wont say the price, cuz the discount sint guaranteed… but yeah… ill direct u if u need. but if u arent above 170cm, it will be too tall because they supply a long seat post, im 173 so i have it at its lowest and it still feels a bit big for me… but yeah, its a great uni so far

Heh, I’ve never even heard of an Axis.

me either…but definately go with the nimbus. or if you want to do trials the save your money and get a splined hub

My opinions on buying are ‘Yes, definately’.:smiley:

I would go with the Nimbus II. I have 2 of them - 20" freestyle and 29" big wheel and they are both great.


after a bit of consideration, and a decent price in front of me
I’ve considered the Nimbus 2.
I was going to buy it today but it’s pouring rain,
Lets hope it eases up…
Thanks again everyone!

well if you’re sure that uni’ing is someting you want to do and you want to get into trials/street, i would recommend paying a bit more and getting a better one now rather than realizing a few months later that you want a better one

myself and ntappin got ripped off on our first unis (130$ for brandless 20" unis with seats that are like rocks and pretty much everything on the unis sucked) because we didn’t want to pay for better ones in case we couldn’t/didn’t want to uni

that’s exactly what i did,
but only 60 dollars…
I’ve been told trial uni’s are alot harder to learn on, and will even satisfy beginner trials stuff,
so i’m thinking that this uni will last me atleast 6months, which is more than adequate for the price.

i don’t see what would make a trials uni harder for learning (or doing anything for that matter, other than some agile freestyle stuff) big fat stable tire = a winner

The Nimbus 2 is not a rip off no name uni. It’s a good quality unicycle.

Personally I find the big fat stable tire ‘sticks’ to the road and makes the unicycle difficult to manoever. I guess it’s horses for courses.