opinions needed: SpaceCruiser logo and powdercoating

So I got a powdercoating quote for the SpaceCruiser. For just the frame (regular Coker frame) and the bearing housings, its $120. That’s just solid glossy black. They charge by the hour for small parts like the hub and the seat post, so I’m not sure about that. How does this compare to what other people have paid for powdercoating?

Also, I’ve been working on a logo. I’d like to get a decal made so I can put it around the crown/seat tube area. What do you guys think?

Well, I personally wouold never put that much money into a stock coker frame… But that seems pretty high. I got one of my frames powerdercoated for around $40. maybe I got lucky though.

If you could refer me to somebody who can do it cheaper, I’d love to hear it. I wouldn’t mind shipping the frame out somewhere…

It was through a shop which no longer exists, so I dont know exactly who did it, sorry.

that sounds like they’ve quoted you the price for a whole bike frame. Tell them you want just a fork painting, not a bike frame.

In the UK, it’s about £20-£30 for a fork, so probably $40-$50


What kind of place did the powder coating service? Was it a bike shop?

It’s a classic business school “time value of money” problem. Take that $120 and figure out what it would be worth at that time in the future—and you know that time is coming—when you simply have to own the Hunter 36 (which coincidentally would also solve your powder coating quest). That will tell you the true opportunity cost of investing it today to paint a temporary structure.

most bike shops know someone who does coating. Also any custom bike framebuilder will be able to do it.


It’s a bike place and they know exactly what I need powdercoated. So, it seems to me like I need to find a cheaper place. That’s good to know that I can find it cheaper, because I wasn’t too comfortable with such a high price tag.


i am getting my frame powdercoated. It will be back on friday. It is a metalic grenn colour… which is expensive to start with! Mine is costing £35. I think it is worth it in the long run… but it still is alot of money! This is just a 20" frame we are talking about here too!


I have a few hundred powder coated frames in stock. Both freestyle and 3".
Colours are Black, Red, Blue, Orange and Yellow.

I also have Alex 19" and 24" rims, 20" and 24" Sun Ditch Witch rims and Suzue hubs.
I have a few tall unicycle frames and Coker frames too.

you can check them out at:

If you want to send me your Coker frame, I will have it coated in High-Gloss Black for about 23.00 US Return shipping is 7.00-10.00 depending on where you are.

So for about 30.00 I can do your frame for you.

Send me an e-mail if you want your frames done.



How much for color?

Colours are 34.00 US plus shipping.

Black isn’t a problem. Colours need to be sent in a batch so it may take a little longer.