opinions needed for newby

Hi all, I am new here. many moons ago I had and rode a unicycle, lets leave the exact time out but most of you would call me an old man :smiley:
I am seriously looking at getting back into riding . I have done some research and brought my list down to one I think will fit my needs for starting over, just need some input as to if I have come to the right decision

OK basics, I rode for about 3 years, was pretty good but never got into doing tricks, did a little off road type riding but mostly paved

I am 5’7" at about 170

so I narrowed it down to the Torker unistar CX 24"

based on above info will this be a decent entry level unit to get me back in the saddle. if not please offer others in the same price range
if I see I"m going to stay with it I can upgrade later

Thanks for any input

Do a search. This has been covered literally a thousand times.

Nimbus 2 or muni would be a better choice. Don’t get a cx.

I think the general consensus on the CX (and I’ve never ridden one, but that one comes up a lot here) is that the saddle is garbage, and advise is to usually go with the LX if you can. I’ve seen a lot of people end up getting the saddle upgrade soon after they bought it.

Not sure where you are, but if you can, I would say go with the club 24 from unicycle.com. I have ridden one of those, and I’m a fan of the unicycle.com house brand wheels for all my workhorses with the exception of their high end stuff. It’s just solid and simple.

avoid a sun.

Welcome to the forum.

As Killian said, this question is asked a lot. You may want to search for reviews of the CX, and see why Killian says not to get one.

So, all of that out of the way, if you are really committed to that price range I would look for a used uni. For freestyle, paved road riding a Torker LX is not a bad choice, and it shows up on local Craigslist’s fairly often. A Nimbus 2 would be a good freestyle choice that you could put a mountain bike tire on for light XC trail riding. For anything more than light XC you will want a wider tire, and a larger frame to accommodate it.

thanks juggleaddict
I think the Club is a bit more than I want to put out on a first cycle right now, especialy since I’m not sure I can still ride. I think the LX is still in range
thanks for the heads up about that

The Torker CX would be a bit rickety for someone who weighs 170. The LX is better, and I have no idea what country you live in, but if you are anywhere near New Haven, Connecticut, this is a far better deal.

well the CX is out
that is a heck of a deal but I"m in Ga.
I have checked and there are no decent unicycles on CL in my area
only a couple of Sun’s and an old Schwinn
so I guess now it’s between the Torker LX or maybe the Club

so do I have to answer that random question every time I try to post :frowning:

If you rode before, I pretty much guarantee you can still ride. It might take you like 5 minutes to “get it” again. You’ll have to re-build your leg muscles.
Sun’s are not that bad. They have different models, like Torker. The better models are OK, I’ve ridden them. You probably learned on a 20", you may want to consider a 24" at this point. (Depending on what you want to do with it.) You will ride farther and easier on a larger wheel.
Watching craigslist or ebay for a used one is a good idea. That will get you back into riding, and then you won’t feel bad about buying another better one (that’s better suited to your preferred riding style) later on.


The 1st uni I bought when I started riding again was a sun flat top for $110 at my local bike shop. I have had no problems with it and it is now my loaner/training uni for new riders.

I would get a cheap 20" to get back on one wheel and see if you like it but that is just me. Be sure to get some safety gear when you get your Uni.