Opinions about 1 Piece aluminium hub ?

Seems like the new nimbus stealth and oracle 36 come with this hub https://www.unicycle.com/nimbus-36h-isis-disc-aluminum-hub-125mm/

anyone used them yet ? good enough for a 36er ? Is it better than the nimbus impulse hub it replace ( cro-mo isis axle and aluminium body ) ?

Thx :roll_eyes:

It has impressively large flanges for a machined hub. It would be guaranteed to be creak free, but an aluminum spindle will never be as strong as a ChroMoly spindle with the same spline design.

I wouldn’t use it for jumping or hard off-road but it would be pretty ideal for a road machine.

The Stealth has an aluminum hub and axle and the Oracle has a steel hub and axle.

Is the aluminum any good? Yes, if you are weight weenie and do extremely lite mountain (no jumping) and road riding it is as good as you can get. For heavy duty mountain, as in jumping off small mountains, the steel hub and axle is recommended.

I just bought a Stealth because it was on sale (and I wanted the welded on brake mount) but also changed the aluminum axle for steel when I got it. I have the unused aluminum axle/hub for sale if anyone wants one.


Like the UDC site says it pretty straight up: “…lite mountain (no jumping) and road riding”. If that’s your wheelhouse you should be good to go. I don’t jump on my G36, and I don’t take it offroad much, but occasionally I will want to ride something really bumpy or do a drop here or there, so it’s not quite for me. But I think there are a sufficient number of riders out there that this would be a good fit for.

Note that I have a 2002 Coker Deluxe, with the stock “regular Tiawanese uni hub” which is not wide, and it’s held up under hundreds of miles of Muni and probably thousands of miles of everything else. And Ride The Lobster (which was a road race). After I mostly stopped using it in favor of my G36, my friend Andy Jennings rode it all over the place for a year before finally buying his own. I still see its future as a possible Muni-specific 36er, or maybe just a backup and/or loaner cycle.

Anyway, I think that aluminum hub is a great option for people who really want to go light and don’t intend to pound on it.