Ophir Yahav joining our Ranks!

Ophir Yahav is a pioneer of mountain biking here in Israel. He has made most of the singles that I ride in the Horashim woods behind my house. Ophir has moved to riding a single speed a while back. Single speeds and minamalism is definetly a growing trend here in Israel. Usually single speed riders find a lot of interest in Unicycles. Well, Ophir has just purchased a unicycle and yesterday night I had the pleasure of helping him getting started in riding. I have a good feeling that Ophir is going to be a great addition to our MUni riding community here in Israel!


Ophir is a very good fellow, Ophir is a very good fellow!
Ophir is a very good feeee-lloow! Which noone can deny!

One more of us, one less of them.

Welcome Ophir!

The more, the better…
Hopefully he’ll be with us on the trails soon!