Opening weekend delight

Once again, Aspen was blessed with a BIG storm on opening weekend for Aspen Highlands and Buttermilk. Aspen Mtn. and Snowmass have been open for a couple of weeks. Over a meter of snow fell on the slopes, which made for some memorable turns. AND for some challenging Unicyling, so that is why this is in RSU. Powder turns in the morning, and 36er riding in the afternoon. The roads were buff white, temperature was -18 C, and the sky was dumping snow. I road only about 16 km’s, but between the cold and the daylight running out, that was all I had in me. Fun to be back in winter full on, so I can tele ski, snowboard, and uni all in the same day. Happy Holidays:D

in town looking towards aspen mtn.
first pic was my daughter and i on aspen highlands, getting ready to shred the gnar

Always love your pics. thanks for sharing

Mike. Your one of the few people I know that consider a big storm to be a blessing :smiley: Thanks for the photo’s.

That is so much cool!
Envy… enjoy.:smiley:

Shred the Gnar indeed!

I was lucky enough to be in Vail yesterday for the 12" of fresh snow. A great day of face-shots.

It was great till my buddy set off the slide that closed Blue Sky Basin.

Speaking of slides…Did you know Cory?

love hearing that you love the pics, your welcome.

BIG storms are just amazing, being part of them is really quite epic. I put in almost an 11 hr workday on ski patrol on Saturday. I was part of avalanche control routes, medical assistance on the hill, and opening of runs. I was outside 9 out of the 11 hrs, it was one of the best days because of that. Like I said years ago in this forum: There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing!

Glad your friend was ok, my long time friend did not make it:( My he rest in peace.
Starting to snow again here, could be phat Tuesday:)