Open Letter to Mike Penton

I will make my decission when I received that Magazine and see the pictures in relation to the Text and place in the Magazine.
Generaly I must say that I think their is no need to show an armed soldier on a unicycle in a Magazine. War is always a very bad thing and there is no positive aspect in it.
To show a soldier in a positive way is always dangerous from my opinion cause people maybe think that there is a positive aspect in beeing a soldier.
Maybe the soldier on the picture is in a dayli conflict if he should continue beeing a soldier or if he should run away or if he should kill himself. Maybe he use the unicycle to free his mind for some minutes a day.
No one knows about that and never will know it for sure.
There is no positive aspect in war. The politicans have the job to find every day new soldiers for their bad games, why should we help them?
Most Unicyclist know that there are some soldiers riding unicycle and no one would say anything against them cause we don’t know them. But where is a reason to show soldiers on Unis and what sense did it make in what magazine ever ?
More when I got my Magazine and see the pictures live

If the publication were a robot enthusiasts’ magazine, perhaps that 7th photo would be inappropriate.

Well personally me and my mate thought it was hilarios! respect to him for taking it.

what ??? I only can find hilarious as english word and that means something that can’t be related to pictures of armed soldiers.
What can be hilarious on soldiers, tanks, war ??? I think absolutly nothing.
I hope that I get my Magazine soon but I think it would be great when mike can show those pictures and the added Text also here in the Forum that everybody can discuss about.

If 15 years old children looking at a picture that showing an soldier with a gun on a unicycle in a real war situation and they find it hilarious, they had maybe missing some parts in school about history.

Well maybe we dont care what people think of our “sence of humour” not often you flick through a magizine to see a unicycle, especially a unicycling soldier.

Look at this dont you find that funny

You don’t find this funny, you find this offensive?


untitled.bmp (893 KB)

No, I also don’t find that funny at all, even it is a fake and not real and that it should be a joke. But how can you bring a bad fake joke from someone in relationship to a real war picture ?
Maybe you should talk to some older people how funny it was while the second Worldwar or ask some people from Palestina or from some parts of Israel or Libanon how much they must laugh while bombs fall down on their houses and soldiers entering their town.
If you are clever, pray that you never will become an idea what it means to have war in your country !
I realy like strange humor but not that type you use, sorry.
Maybe think a bit about it.

The picture was after Ifinnished my posting so I want to say that I also don’t can laugh about that picture ! Are they not able to write ? Maybe they was send to Irak cause they are so clever.

There is no fun in war !

Now THAT’S hilarious! Shows our troops have a great sense of humor and weren’t phased by John Kerry’s stupid, rediculous remark heard 'round the world, and essentially his political career is done.

Good photos often evoke strong responses. I look forward to getting my copy of Uni to see it for myself.

The combat unicycle flyer is pretty good. It should be used in our war against the unicycling clown image.

To don’t be missunderstand, those soldiers are for sure allowed to make jokes about their Situation. I just want to figure out that there is no fun inside of war!
War is the most stupid and most horrible thing that existing on earth. They always have some nice reasons for making a war like “we save your freedom” and a lot more blablabla. At least they only want to grow their force and want to earn more money. If we had no armys and no guns, it would be much more peacefull all over the world.

To use the combat flyer against the clown image is realy perverted I think.

Where is the fun ?

You think there should be no fun, or there is no fun in war?

I wonder what your thoughts about war are… :roll_eyes:


Nothing ‘reflects reality’. There is no ‘reality’ independant of opinion. Everything is reported through the belief’s and opionons of the reporter/observer.

I mean that there is nothing funny while a war. For sure there can be fun inside of the army to protect themself for going crazy.
I never be a part of a war and I’m realy happy for that !!! I talk with many people that where in war and I know several people that fight in war inner the last 15 years. If you went to ex Yugoslavia for example you will find a high rate of suicide between those people that was sent to the war, some years before. In the USA you find people with same problems from Vietnam war and now from Irak war.
Those soldiers that make suicide after coming back home maybe going crazy on what they see and do while fighting in the war.

The words fun and war have no relation. There is nothing related to a war that is funny !

I think there’s some people that you don’t want to mess with in a round of Unicycle Gladiators!


And yet the liberal biased media never says anything about the soldiers in Iraq who, after getting injured, volentarily sign up to go back to Iraq again? The brave men and women who are saving peoples lives, making Iraq a better place, who get no recognition by the ingrateful people who are clueless about the war on terror?

War is not about randomly killing people. I certianally don’t approve of people dieing, but some people are bad enough that they do desereve to die. But what about the people there who are rebuilding schools, helping the Iraqi people, volenteering their time and effort to make Iraq a better place? I am proud of these people, and it I don’t see how the picture being disscussed could be seen as anything but a brave hardworking soldier getting some time off to unicycle in a foreign country.

(Unless the soldier in the magazine is a terrorist or something…)

While I find your opinion in some way respectable I would just like to remind you that Hitler was not stopped by a peaceful sit-in, and shamefully not by the German people either. It were soldiers from other countries who stopped the holocaust and freed Germany from the Nazis. You should think about that too.

On the other hand it were German soldiers who “just followed orders” (like John Foss says…) that made WWII possible.

So the bottom line should be: Soldiers have to be responsible in their actions just like everyone else. Following orders is no excuse if you do something terribly wrong. Nobody can force you to follow orders, you just have to be brave enough to suffer the consequences of your decision (like the few German deserters in WWII did). And if you don’t trust your country / government enough, then you should not join the army. Unfortunately there are enough good reasons for such distrust in many countries.

About the photo: Haven’t seen it yet, but why do we have to mix politics with unicycling? And a picture of a soldier is almost automatically political these days. The situation there is a tragedy for both sides. Mixing that with unicycling in such a superficial way doesn’t make any sense to me for a unicycling magazine :thinking:
No hard feelings though, looking forward to my issue :slight_smile:

The decision to include the picture was not taken lightly, and we were aware that it could start a discussion. When the editorial team first saw the photo we too were surprised. It shows that no matter what environment people are in, they can temporarily escape, relax and find some light relief in a difficult situation.

The photos were in the readers photos section, which is open to all sorts of subjects. It also states in the magazine that “the views herein… do not necessarily reflect the views of the publishers.”

His off-hand remark, which really wasn’t bad at all, was heard round the world for the same reason that the slanderous attacks on his military service and three Purple Hearts were: because his opponents are cowardly idiots who dodged the draft but have an ideology which requires them to pose as strong men.

Iraq is clearly far worse-off today than it was before we invaded, and many more people in that country have died than would have if we were not that. (Though in general, that’s not the fault of the individual soldiers).

The people who are clueless about the war on terror are the ones who think Iraq has anything to do with it.

The picture is accompanied by the following text:
“I participated in the recent fighting in Lebanon as an Israeli reserves soldier. Obviously I brought my Onza 24” Muni along with me! Southern Lebanon and Northern Israel have very hilly and rocky terrain, perfect for mountain unicycling".

I don’t know whether the reservist bit means that he might have had the choice of going to fight. If you choose to go and fight a particular enemy, that seems equivalant to choosing the enemy.

The picture shows a soldier on a unicycle, holding a rifle in an almost horizontal position across his abdomen and with a big grin on his face. He /looks/ like he’s thoroughly enjoying being part of an occupying force.

I think the OP has a point. If my country was occupied by a foreign army, I think publication of a picture like this of one of their troops enjoying himself on my country’s soil might make me want to go out and kill. I can easily see how someone might take offence.

OTOH, I’m not a fan of censorship and I’m pleased that the photo has provoked thoughtful discussion. I haven’t formed a definite opinion yet, but I don’t /think/ that I think Mike was wrong to publish it.