Open Invitation to 24 Hr race in Missisauga

Well, it looks as though this race is on the same weekend as one in California.

Are there any riders who would want to participate in a 24 hour relay this May long weekend?

It’s the 4th annual Lifestyles of the rich and famous bike relay (uni’s are welcome)
If you’ve been to a 24hr race, or seen them, this will be better. Only 25 teams or so, housed up in a big cabin, indoor showers, meals are supplied, all for $150

So far there are 2/5 posistions filled.
Me and Drewnicycle.

If you are available, this’ll blow your mind (we did one last summer…you wouldn’t believe the support from the bikers)

If you have no lights, I know several MTB’rs who would be happy to loan some out.

I need to put in the registration tomorrow, but we’re still looking for riders.

Here’s the link: it’s under ‘events’

email me or respond here if you have any q’s

email coming to your profile address, Sofa.

The team is now ‘potentially’ filled

I’ll post if the two maybe’s drop out