Open German Unicycle Championship

As the years before there will be the Open German Unicycling Championship in
Bottrop in October (10/25/96 to 10/27/96) including races and freestyle
competitions. Christian Widlak, the head of the organizing commitee asked me to
publish the announcement via Internet. So I do. You can download it at Please put links to
this page, if you have any page related to unicycle conventions (this is
especially for you, Beirne: please put a link to the “Unicycle Meets” page) and
give a copy to all your friends who have no access to the Internet.

Unfortunately the announcement is only available in German. If you are not
familiar with the German language then contact Christian Widlak Muehlenstr. 12
46238 Bottrop Germany Tel.: ++49 2041 689220 FAX: ++49 2041 689234

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