Open German Championship 2007

Hi all together,

the open German Championship 2007 will happen in Munich from 26. to 28. of May. As it is an open Championship, all riders from other countries are invited to be a part of it. There will be competitions in:
100m, 400m, 800m, Obstacle, 50m one feet, 30m and 10m wheel walk, 30m Drag Seat, Track Gliding, Track Coasting, slow forwards, slow backwards, 4 x 100m, Standard Skill (age group + Expert), Open-X, long- and high jump, Pallet high jump, Trial & Sumo

All details you will find at this page. Unfortunately the page is only in German but feel free to send me an Email for any questions. You also can sign in by Email to me. For 15 € you will find a lot of funny people, a lot of great competitions and also a place to sleep.

The complete competition is under IUF rules.