[oops] kris holm moment crank/hub installation

Hi, I have installed the kris holm Moment crank / hub on my FrankenMuni, replacing old Profile crank/hub that had bearing problems with the KH frame even with the spacers I was able to find.

However, when I was finished, I realized that I had two black metal rings left over that came on the hub but I did not put on when I installed the cranks. they fit loosely around the splined axle and I am assuming they are dust caps. Is it an epic problem if they are not there ? I tightened the cranks down super tight, as tight as I could manage, and I am hoping I didn’t overtighten it or something because those weren’t there to stop me. In any case, Unicycle.com did not send me the crank puller I apparently need to remove them, so my question is this:

Is it worth worrying about and getting the crank puller?

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The two black metal rings are proberly spacers: http://www.unicycle.co.nz/shop/unicycle-parts/hubs/parts/4mm-spacer

You do proberly want them on your hub.

they are to have on there but I had my trials uni with out spaces for about 2.5 years and done muni and all on it, probley why my bearing become so wasted

The spacers are supposed to be there to stop the cranks going too far onto the axle (ISIS needs a crank stop, unlike square-taper). I would say take them off and refit them with the spacers, but you might find they’ll be too loose now after being forced so far onto the axle. Some people run ISIS cranks without spacers anyway, so you’ll probably be OK to leave them as they are.


If you have put the crank on too far once already LEAVE IT ALONE AND DO NOT USE SPACERS. If the crank interface is stretched out and you take the cranks off then add spacers the spacers won’t let you get them back on as tight as you had them before and you will introduce some slop to the system ultimately wrecking your cranks.

If the cranks have only gone as far as the spacers would have let them go anyway (or not quite as far) then you can put them in if you want.

I didn’t use spacers when I first got my ISIS hub and cranks and I can’t use them with my original cranks as they have stretched out. I might make some reduced spacers out of a seatpost to stop them from going even further on but for now I just use them with no spacers and really have no problem.

Thanks for the helpful replies you guys, I love this community :slight_smile:

Spacers - Are they Really Needed?

I rode my KH24 for over a year without spacers. I asked for it with 165mm cranks so they must have missed putting the spacers on when switching the cranks. First year no problem but then one ride in the middle of nowhere after a big drop the whole hub shifted position in the fame and my right crank started rubbing on the frame every revolution. I just disassembled the frame and put it back into place and finished the ride no problems. I wrote to the seller of my unicycle and they were great. They sent me spacers and a new set of cranks because the crank splines tend to get squashed as a result of being put on too far.

My suggestion is that you get the spacers and put them on. You can continue to ride without them until they arrive. The spacers are much more critical the more aggressive the riiding style.