Oops Hudson and a ?new? method of learning

Hi Hudson, I read your mail with interest because your a fellow uni who
owns a low-end unicycle (I just bought a norco!, note it was one of
three for sale in Victoria). Anyways, if your still having trouble
learning how to stay on the darned thing, try bribing a friend to help
you balance. Get them to stand beside you so you can lean on their
shoulder as you ride forward. If you feel really ambitious, get them to
ride beside you and then lean on their shoulder. My friend helped me
this way and within three hours I could go about 100 or so meters by
myself! Write if you want a better explanation.

                            Chris Lamb University of Victoria, BC, Canada


Any particular purpose in so doing?

Sorry to say, but it’s annoying and confusing.

I thought it was cool.

Sorry. I won’t do it again.