Oops! How did we miss it?


Hope you have plenty of frosty ones to go!

Thanks, Rick. I had a twelve pack of Thomas Kemper for my three day resort trip. I pulled in a hydration pack, a cycling jersey, and some unicycle wire art. The downside is I spent the three days with no unicycle.

Yeah, but what did that 3-day rest do for your performance? Notice a little boost?

Re: Oops! How did we miss it?

Happy Birthday!!

Yes. The three day break made the two, ten mile Coker rides I took yesterday seem pretty easy. Of course I was testing my new hydration pack. I filled mine with hydrazine which really boosted my performance.

Here is a link to the unicycle art I received and the “mystery” card from St. Paul, MN.


That unicycle art is rather attractive. Nice score.