Hey there, I just got a new saddle and set of pedals for my Torker Dx ‘06 today!:slight_smile: I got to ride around for awhile:D for the first time in about 2 weeks :astonished: . ALL OF A SUDDEN… The seatpost broke off of the fork! :astonished: This is the second time this has happened :angry: and I don’t have a recipt so I can’t send it back to Torker and this welder guy says that it is not fix-able.:frowning: What fairly cheap munis (other then Torker) are out there that will stand up to real extreme muni(steap rough terrain, over 6’ drops,jumping up on to high stuff etc.)? :thinking: Thanks ever so much, Goats

How/were did the seat post break? It would be better to get a stronger seat post than replace the whole unicycle just because the seat post broke.

You don’t need a reciept to get it fixed.

I was jumping up on a stump(only about 1’). It broke right were the seatpost comes onto the fork. This happened before and We had it welded back together but the metal was so thin that it broke off again. There wasn’t anything wrong with the weld. It’s not fix-able now.

The people at torker said I did :thinking: . They also said that the warrenty was void because “…it was soposed to be assembled by an authorized Torker dealer…”. I didn’t see anything about that when we bought it though.


Yeah, you should be able to just email Torker (regardless of where you bought it) and tell them what happened. Complain about how a $260 unicycle should be able to hold up to more than a few drops, and that you’ve heard about how other people’s frames have broken the same way. Tell them that you want a replacement frame shipped to you, and you’ll get it.

EDIT: (a bunch of people posted while I was typing this)
Maybe welding the frame back together would have voided the warranty. I dont know. I did have a set of cranks break once, and I ‘complained’ and they sent me a new set of cranks & pedals, no charge.

What is Torker’s e-mail adress? Looking on all the sites and can’t find it anywhere.

So it’s the frame that broke, like this?

onefiftyfour - broken Torker DX frame - PICT0024.sized.jpg

Pretty much, 'cept mine came all the way off.

Mine did the exact same thing when I hopped once. It’s quite common.

People need to stop saying “just email torker and they’ll send you a new one”.
I emailed them about it and they replied saying that purchasing items online doesn’t mean that it’ll have a lifetime warranty (for whatever damn reason), and that it must be assembled by an authorized dealer. Plus, you have to send the broken frame to them so they can inspect it to determine whether it was a manufacturers error, which is nothing but a hassal. It’s easier to just buy a new nimbus frame on udc.

When mine broke I got it welded back for 10$ and purchased a new nimbus frame which will be put on when the re-welded frame breaks again.

Do nimbus’ work on really extreme techy stuff? I’m into doing big 7’+ drops, thin log-rides, steep muddy/sandy trails and the like and I want to either fix my dx or get real good muni that would hold up to my riding.

you could get a kH frame

I would but we don’t have any money.

Nimbus 2 frames are quite strong, especially for their price.

Yes, nimbus II frames are exelent. they will hold up to ANYTHING. you’ll never need to buy a new frame again. only problem with that frame is that the biggest tir eit’s supposed to hold is a 2.4, but i’ve heard of tons of people puting it on their dx so it should be fine.

i’ve got a nimbus II and a 2.7 tyre with great clearance

really? maybe the 2.4 clearance ones were just older models. great!

Haha, you can buy a new MUni but you can’t buy a KH frame? I don’t know the retail price over where you live, but a KH frame is 125 euro’s at municycle.com and a decent MUni is 280 euro’s.

Nimbus frames are fine, nothing wrong with 'em, it’s better than buying a whole new unicycle just for a frame.



Yeah, I have a duro 3.0 tire, and there is plenty of clearance with my nimbus x frame.