Wow… This would hurt sooo bad :smiley:

:smiley: you know how to get our attention

Yup :smiley:

I dont know why that kid is trying that when he can barely even ride a uni

he’s like nostradamus.

he must have saw someone good riding, tried it with his uber 1 week of riding skills, and that happened


haha, at least he tried…

My friend Evan (evainus) made this rail, and we set it up doing a steep slope, then made stairs (seven of them, making it a seven rail), and I was grinding it. It’s so hard to land though, because the ride out is pretty steep too.

it looked like he was sitting down when he was landing, not very smart IMO

lesson lernt, I just hope the uni is ok and that the kid dosn’t think hes hardcore just cause he got owned.

I think it also looked suspiciously like a CX. That seat can’t make it feel any better :roll_eyes:

I’m glad I lernt that lesson on a curb haha

Haha thats great!

that didnt actually look that bad. But it would hurt.

You can hear the kid say this is going to hurt my balls before he does it.

ya lol :smiley: