oooowwww my ankle!

ok well as you may know the 07 dx cranks have that nasty little nub right at were the crank bolt is.

well it bit me today when i was practicing my 180 it was funny couse not only did it make my ankle bleed it also punched a hole right through my sock! lol.

so i was wondering, how can i beat this little nub? i saw this shoe in one of the bmx books i get ever so often and was wondering if that would work.

if that dosen’t work, and i would only o this as a last resort, is it possible to shave that down?

p.s. for those of you who don’t read the “today I…” thread i landed my first 180 unispin today and gapped one awsome gap.any help is awsome.

p.s.p.s. how did you guys protect you’r ankles from this evil piece of metal?


dude go to a thrift store and get some old shin guards. thats what i did. keeps my shins from bleeding;)

almost goes with your username!

well i wouldnt get that shoe as its an SPD designed shoe and the insert to keep the SPD cleats clean may easily fall out and the you have a hole in your sole:p :smiley: :wink:

:smiley: :smiley:

lol ankles my friend not shins.i already have shin pads! lol good point pdougherty! i didn’t notice that! hmm i didn’t notice they were a clipless shoe… how abou some like… converse hi-tops?

get soem anckle gaurds like these.

IMO they have NO support. they a like socks on steroids:p if you ask me

Yo Jacob hope you’re ok man! I use these…the best I’ve ever had! I’m on my secod pair. They shield you ankle great!

The shoes that Terry suggested would be a good idea I bought myself a pair of 661 ankle guards myself when I was constantly banging my ankles (I have several pairs of socks that are stained red with holes in the ankles) then I bought the ankle guards and was able to learn how to adjust my riding position to avoid hitting my ankles all the time now I don’t wear the ankle guards anymore, I have a '05 DX which also has cranks with nubs on them. Good luck with your ankle saving!

He means soccer shin-pads, which include a little plastic gaurd which covers your ankle.

If your’e level 5 in sewing (me, me !) You can cut those off and sew them onto your shin gaurds.

just learn not to hit them. it is the easiest thing to do. shaving the bolt down works, or so i have heard. they are knarly though. i am one of the few that have never really had a bad experience with them of the people who rode them for any decent period of time

I also have big nubs on my qu-ax. I find that there are periods when I hit my ankles every day(and sometimes a few times a day) and when I don’t hit them at all, even though I do the same type of riding and all. It’s been a no-ankle-hitting period for a few months now, but I still have marks on both of my ankles.

In the end, it’s all about your technique.

lets see
grind them off and get some carriage type bolts…
or get used to them… but even then… i landed wrong once and it actually chipped the bone in my ankle… so you should grind them off… do you really want to put something else on before you go ride?

go to walmart, spend 10buks on some soccer shin guards, find the ones with the detachable ankle guards and use those for ankle guards…

skrobo, I don’t think he’s going to be jumping over a pick-up truck anytime soon I’m going to guess that this wrong landing happened during one of your massive gaps or rolling hops right? I would recomend you at least ride with a helmet for some of the stuff you do skrobo…

haha i cant even feel my ankles!

i never hit them anymore. just wait and keep unicycling. youll grow out of it.

I did that the first time i rode the unicycle I have. but after that first ride i haven’t hit it enough to bleed.