"Ooooh, man!.....Are you OK?"

“Are you in the circus?”

“Is that hard?”

Of all the coments I get while MUni riding, this thread title shows up quite frequently.

Most recently, I rigged the 29er for MUni. (Nano-raptor, 150s). But I had forgotten how much air I like. So I [over]inflated to about 50 psi. I think it says up to 65 on the sidewall.

I had already UPD’d twice when I politely passed a girl and her 3 dogs entering a rather technical section of about 3/4 mile. She soon passed me twice after crashes. That too-tight tire just sproings out from under when it hits a root or something.

Notice the distinction between “UPD” and “crash”. I literally spit dirt following one crash.

I dropped the air to about 40 psi and continued. Smiling a muddy grin as I passed her one last time.

I know air pressure is critical on the Gazz, I guess that applies to whatever tire you are riding on also. Hope you’re alright

The fatter the tire, the less critical your pressure. A Gazz gives you the most flexibility of all. Back in the “old days” when we rode Miyatas with 1.75 tires and other street stuff on the trails, tire pressure was actually less of an issue. The skinnier the tire, the more pressure you need to avoid pinch flats. At least on the rocky trails we were riding. So having a soft tire was only a luxury that came later, when we got wider frames that could fit wider tires. Then all the trails got a lot easier to ride!

So what’s a “snappy comeback” to “Ooooh, man!..Are you OK?”
Here’s some starters:

  • Sure! This is my idea of fun!
  • No, I’ve been having a terrible time since the rest of my bike broke off.
  • Only since I’ve tasted this here dirt.

More, please.

Re: “Ooooh, man!..Are you OK?”

Before i was a unicyclist, i was a rollerblader. One time I went over this small hill (real small. I should actually call it a big bump) i fell into the grass next it. Actually that’s where my face landed. My legs literally skidded on the pavement. i was spiting tons of grass. My legs were pretty badd to. You could see the meat.

If your not in Memphis, you could say “It sure isn’t Memphis Mud!” If your in Memphis, you can say “Sure, it’s Memphis Mud!”


Q: Are you ok?
A: Yeah, except for my ego…

Wo,wo,would you pl pleazz… please dial 911? :smiley: --chirokid–