OOOHH loook a shock, has anyone seen/tried this

I came across it on UDC LINKAGE
it looks pretty cool, but would it work?
someone needs to try it like apparently Kris holm did, but thing is, it would not work for trials or street at all, you couldn’t jump well with it. Definitely a good investment for a distance rider

Its been talked about alot, its pretty nice for distance, even XC muni, do a search and you will find more info.

I have seen the threads, i don’t want to read through all the pages of pooh
i know how to search, but this topic is discussed few enough times to make another thread about it!

I don’t think it’d work very well, because for anything you would need shocks for, you keep your weight on the pedals anyway…

what about annoying little bumps … like moguls (heheh JK)
but like really clumpy annoying grass?

most folks who’ve tried it says it works best for distance road riding.

They work for XC MUni as well. I have one on my carbon MUni, and have used a couple of different ones on my Wilder. Mostly they take the edge off of the bumps, obviously only when you’re sitting down. Great for cruising, and would be great for road riding if they fit your uni. Most won’t work on a Coker, for instance, as they have rods & springs that run to the bottom of the post.