oooh i want it!

I want this!


and im probobly going to get it

Slap on a KH moment hub+cranks and you have THE ultimate trials unicycle. Oh yeah, and a hugesly long seatpost.

But seriously, why doesn’t someone who rides completely and strictly trials do this? Think about it. A 7 pound uni will be incredible easy to tuck. Because the wheel is so small, you could tuck up WAYWAYWAY high. You don’t need some fat tire, because the second you’re in the air you just tuck, you don’t need the rebound of a tire to help you.

haha that would look sweet…i wonder if you could get a 12" creepy crawler

Call up maxxis, Start beggin’.

Im pretty sure the frame would brake

very good idea… but if the seatpost was the same hight it is now think of how high you could jump, that would be sweet…a 12 inch trials :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

it wouldnt be good for trials, maybe for hopping(but thats about it). but i imagine trying to ride an skinny that is slanted upwards, or riding on any upwards slope would be very hard.

why do you want it?

My friend has this uni. It is really hard to ride and you cant turn at all. I tried riding and fell off everytime. Its amusing but not that good for riding. If you slant your foot down while riding on the pedals your toe can easily hit the ground.

I’ve also thought of this for High Jump competition. A smaller wheel will make jumping higher that much easier.

The problem is that those 12" wheels are generally built to the specification of a child’s bike. They’re not intended to take much weight or abuse. They also probably have a pretty low spoke count. I think you’d have to custom build a rim and spokes to take the abuse. Then you’d have a very interesting Trials and jumping machine. Yes, the small wheel size will have your pedals hitting the ground all the time (I have a 12" uni with a very low seat), but it’s ridable.

I’ve always been wondering why MDC has a 700mm seat post…

Like this?

small trials.jpg

I’ve seen joe hodges attack obstacles at the south bank skate spot on a 10" solid tyre uni. Didn’t quite have the pop of his XTP but he could still get a couple of feet of height on it.

It was good for pedal graps tho

LOL thats awesome :stuck_out_tongue: and nice photoshoping dude :stuck_out_tongue:

ahaha yeah for high jump might be worth it… but it would probably be a one jump one unicycle thing…

Do I see a 900 unispin in the future? :astonished:

there is no photoshop… the 700mm post is real

i meant the unicycle :stuck_out_tongue: i know the seat post exists :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

thats real too