Ooh, I just did my goal trick

I escaped from a regulation (completely ungimmicked) Posey straitjacket while idling on a unicycle! I’ve been working on idling while jerking my body around with my arms crossed for months. It’s quite a workout!

Now I have to work on unicycling on a slackrope, then escaping from a straitjacket while unicycling on a slackrope (I’ve never seen anyone do that one.)


Re: Ooh, I just did my goal trick

Congratulations. Anyone of those by itself is a feat. I’d love to see the three put together. Good luck! It’s nice to have goals.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Sounds wicked!

Just out of interest, how would one go about acquiring a Posey straitjacket?

There are a few places that sell the jackets online.


Just had a quick look on the net and found this pic of a Posey medium straightjacket.

Is this what you escaped from whilst idling? If so I’m very impressed, the arm loop on the front must make things difficult.

How hard is it to get out of?


… just curious… how do you free yourself from one of those suckers?

coff* HOUDINI coff* mumble mumble

Re: Ooh, I just did my goal trick

That is absolutely incredible!

Any chance of a video of you doing that trick?

And are you double jointed or do you dislocate anything while escaping from the straitjacket?

Re: Ooh, I just did my goal trick

This is great, and maybe a “first” for a unicyclist. The crotch strap would seem to be a particular challenge, although I’m guessing that one comes off near the end.

If you want to take the next step and also make it a “first” for a lunatic, repeat the stunt while double-dosed with pharmaceutical barbituates. :smiley:

Re: Ooh, I just did my goal trick

good feeling, isn’t it?
when do u start performing this in public?

i remember the original thread well

did u do this on the giraffe or on a ‘normal’ uni?


That is absolutely incredible!

Any chance of a video of you doing that trick?

A video would be good.

Hey, no pressure, but yeah, a video of this would sure bring a little sanity to my day and confirm for my coworkers what a crazy bunch we are.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Careful, though - if you’re planning on showing a video like that at work you want to pay attention yourself - you might find it comes in handy…


i’ve been doing straight jacket escapes on my unicycle too, for a while now.
i have a humane restraint jacket (loony bin standard issue)

i idle all the time untill i take the jacket over my head, when i start hopping. how about you?

all i need to do now is learn how to freemount my girrafe when i’m in it. then i’ll have a street show to last a lifetime.

we’ve been doing it upside down from a burning rope too.
and this summer we’ll be doing it off the rigging of a sailboat
asd for buying straitjackets, just head for your local emporium for people who like err… “that sort of thing”
the things i saw on the internet while i was tying to find one…
makes yer eyes water.

Enough Evilwan! This is a family forum!

Great trick!! Iwish someone would hurry up and post a video. How long did it take to learn escaping from a SJ??

How long did it take you? You must be reeaally good at idling. I’m awful.
Are you a magician, or a contortionist, or something? I do magic, but I’ve never tried escape routines.

i can’t speak for dorian, but i’m a unicyclist who does bits of juggling, magic, and escapology.

when i’m not wasting my time on the internet i spend my life practicing various things including locksmithing contactjuggling and creating acts that require loads of dificult to transport equipment.

if your interested in escapology then theres loads of books about houdini.

Onewheeldave, that is exactly what I escaped from- with my arms through the front loop. Although I must confess I didn’t use the side loops (still harder than no loops though), I can get out of the jacket with my arms in both the front and side loops, but not on a unicycle …yet (partially because I don’t think anybody does it so I have to invent a way, if it’s even possible).

I just used a normal uni because that’s what I have. I idled, no hopping. It took me about a week of practice to get smooth and quick at getting out of the jacket and months to get good enough at idling. I might post a video of it, I haven’t decided yet.

Sorry, I can’t really tell anyone how to escape from a straitjacket. I’m not professional and actually never plan on performing so I don’t care if everyone knows how, but I don’t think that other people who do perform would want me telling everyone how it’s done.


You can see a video of David Straitjacket performing the traditional hung upside down escape here


I’ve got a book called “Secrets of Houdini” somewhere that explains almost all his escapes. It was published just after his death (I guess by someone cashing in on the whole thing), so I guess it’s out of print now.

It isn’t too hard to discover how to do the straitjacket escape, I’ll leave you to search google if you really want to know. Apparently it takes several hours to escape if you need to get out of the side straps too.

Incidentally, searching the web for straitjacket comes up with some rather “interesting” sites about how to tie people up etc.



Respect from me to.

The very last time I saw escaping from a straitjacket, was on a Giraffe Unicycle was way back in the mid 1980’s. (1985 I think) He done the escape out of it, in just 2 minutes. (About That what he mention he said) The size of the Giraffe was a 6foot Unicycle and that was in Sydney NSW at Town Hall near the Queen Victoria Building. Please don’t ask me his name or if there is any Video’s or pictures on him. Good luck Dorian with the straitjacket escape.