Yo, just wondering about the onza 20" trials for those of you who ride them. I weigh like 138lbs and I’ve been riding for about 3 and a half years. I spend about 3 hours at the very least each day riding. I’ve just a few questions about the onza.

Is it a good trials uni?
Can it take decent drops with skillful landing?
Is it worth the money? (In your opinion)

my answer to you is yes, yes, and maybe I brefer the kh unicycles but its preferamce right but the onza is really really good too and weight is not a much of an issue. so I hope that helps:D

No offense, but I thought the new KH trials uni would bring an end to these threads. But then again logically thinking, the SEARCH (hint, hint) button should’ve done that long ago.

Do a search, there’s plenty of info out there. Also, the new KH/Onza (they combined) is far better than either the old KH or Onza’s.

The onza isn’t a bad uni it should be good for you.

The only problem I found with the onza was the keyways on the hub.

The new KH/onza hub is the old onza hub with a better keyway design.


The onza unicycle is a good unicycle no doubt. With skillful landing it should be able to take any types of drops with height in mind. Should work well. The unicycle should be worth the price, if it doesn’t break. of course the skillful landing should reduce that chance. Well i’m out laters.

p.s. keaton I reliezed i could have called you and told you that, but this way was funnier. Ha.

Isn’t there a new onza out yet? I’ve seen pictures of a better one, but don’t know where to purchase it.

What’s wrong with the keyways?

The new onza IS out. Although cosmetically there’s little difference. The only difference is the hub; it has the new KH/onza hub which is meant to eliminate the keyway problems that were abound in the old KH and onza hubs. I’m preparing myself to take my old onza hub apart and slap on some loctite…which’ll be fun???

I’ve just bought a KH 2005 Muni with the new hub, and it’s lots chunkier. I’ve had it for a week, and no problems yet with the hub, which I know isn’t a long time to get problems, however after a week of riding my onza I was already getting keyway slop. But yes…Buy an onza, they’re excellent uni’s.

Although I’d love to hear what the koxx one devil trials uni is like, so you could be a guinea pig and gt one of those.


Where can I get the onza with the better hub?


Marv’s Hardware