I looked at onza’s on unicycle.com and they are $379 american dollars. On the unicycle.uk.com they are equal to $240 american dollars. The one from the uk also comes with a KH saddle. Is it possible to order from the uk site? why is it so much cheaper there???

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Shipping, Import Taxes, Exchange Rate Fluxuation… They aren’t made in the US.

Im sure you could try… just be ready for a rather large shipping charge, and perhaps some customs.

The onzas in the us are the same as the ones on unicycle.uk.com (comes with KH rip-off saddle). Unicycle.com just hasn’t updated the pic. Don’t get the onza, the manufacturing standards aren’t up to par. Wait until September, I hear there’s a kick-a** new KH hub and crank set coming out that’ll be super light, but as strong as, if not stronger, than the profiles. I don’t have any more info, but I hear it’s good.

who do you hear this exciting info from?

gerblefranklin where do you get information like that from?? is there some kind of unicycle insiders site?

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> I looked at onza’s on unicycle.com and they are $379 american dollars.
> On the unicycle.uk.com they are equal to $240 american dollars. The one
> from the uk also comes with a KH saddle. Is it possible to order from
> the uk site? why is it so much cheaper there???
I think you have a problem with your exchange rate. An Onza 24" Muni on
unicycle.uk.com is 230UKP, which is equivalent to 417 of your yankee
dollars. The trials model is 210UKP, equivalent to 381 of your dollars.
Please do feel free to order it from unicycle.uk.com though, 'cos our trade
deficit needs all the help it can get.



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I’m guessing here, but Gerblefranklin went to Moab, Kris was at Moab… You come to your own conclusion. If you want the inside info you have to go to the insiders meetings.:wink:

Bugman’s right. Kris said he was developing a new miracle hub, although it’s still in the early stages of prototyping he says. That’s about all the info I have. But yes, if you want to hear about inside stuff, go to the inside meeting;) .

Sigh…I hope he doesn’t send his plans to the Velo factory :frowning:

I don’t know how much you all know, but since you know some I can fill you in a little bit more I guess. The hub is actually a joint development with Kris, Mike (Onza) and myself. It has moved in several ways since my visit to Taiwan last month. There are 2 designs at the moment, one being protyped at the moment, which has a weight similar to that of a Suzue and Bicycle Euro’s but the same strength of the best splined unit. It should not suffer from spline deteriation due a pinch bolt system and the flanges/body are also splined so should be more durable… not perfect and needs testing fully! Kris and myself should have samples to test within a month. The other option should be lighter again! with similar cranks but an ISIS! But since this is still on my drawing board it will be about a month behind for testing and costing out. Either way we hope to see these on unicycles for September, although to be realistic, it may be October or even November. Things do take a long time to get done, unfortunately. :frowning:

ps not sure where you get the idea that Onza’s are made to a lower standard, I found out that it was actually the same welder who built both frames! The welds just look different because the Onza is lighter weight CrMO tubing :slight_smile:

I was referring to the spline quality. They don’t seem as well made as KHs and profiles (many reports of play in the hub). I don’t care about the frame, almost anything will do.

As for the hub, I didn’t know it was a joint effort, but I did know the rest. I decided I was not in the place to go transmitting design details. If a designer (you, Mike, or Kris) wanted to fill in the rest, you could, but if not, the info would still go unsaid.

I’m wondering, is ISIS a splined and tapered spindle?

Isn’t ISIS the hollowed out one? If so, that’s fantastic news. I friend of mine mentioned that idea to me a few months ago and I’ve been waiting for someone to do it ever since. :slight_smile: I can’t wait to buy mine. Thanks guys.


The wear in the splines is not a quality issue but a design one - it is a straight spline with nothing to take up wear when wear occurs other than the central bolt, so requiring more maintainance - we are designing this problem out. We are going to use the company that manufactured the Onza hub, not the one that manufactured the KH because they are the better manufacturer. The prototype hubs use the splines from the Onza hub.
ISIS uses a combination of a straight and tapered spline, it is technologically the best option for an crank interface, but… it is also the least suitable for unicycles due to the massive shaft size. We think we have a solution, that will give long lasting bearings and the ability to fit in to a unicycle frame. (I thought people would like that last one). :slight_smile:


If this new hub is a joint operation of nearly all the big affordable names (Unicycle.com, Kris Holm unis and Onza) does this mean that there won’t be seperate unis for each brand when the hubs come out? As surely the big factor when buying a uni is the hub and if they all have the same hub and cranks…? Will a new breed of super unicycle take over?

Terminator sound-effect DUM-DUM DUM-DUM-DUM…


Lol! By take over I mean the unicycle market- not the universe as we know it! But seriously, the only major difference after the hub and cranks is the frame then rim as they have the same saddle, so will Onza and KH still produce individual machines???

Yes, do not worry. There will be enough differences between them.