Onza Wheel for Sale Soon

I have a profile hub and crankset in the mail, on the way here, so I figured it might be time to sell my Onza. The description is as follows:

-DX-32 rim
-140mm onza cranks, 40 spline (according to uni.com, I never counted)
-40 spline, single keyway (1st gen) onza hub.
-rim is relatively true, and the spokes are tensioned.
-a few superficial scratches on the rim, due to changing tires ocasionally.
-heavily scratched left crank from pedalgrabs. As far as I know it doesn’t weaken it
-a few scratches on the right crank
-I’ve noticed a bit of play in the splines or keyway occasionally, but nothing major, as far as I can tell. The hub is definitely not about to go “freewheel”
-no tire or innertube

I’m asking $75 including shipping, although if you give me a good reason I can knock some off of that price. This uni is not for you if you are heavy and do huge drops lots. I only weight 120lbs, so it’s worked for me. If you don’t want to get a new splined setup because of cost, but have outgrown cotterless cranks, this wheel may be for you. PM me if you’re interested. I won’t be selling the wheel for at least a week, though. It oculd be as long as 2 weeks. Basically whenever the hub and crankset arrive.

The hub is definitely not about to go “freewheel”

ha ha ha

vary funny

god you sure do hold a grug

if worst comes to worst i will take the rim

Directed at total uni.

I wasn’t trying to take a shot at you, I was just trying to be honest. And it’s spelled “grudge”.

i will take the rim

dude he’s trying to sell the whole thing not just a rim. If he did just sell you the rim then he has to take the whole thing apart for you then find some one to buy the hub and cranks. Then he’s stuck with spokes. No he likely wont sell it to you.

Gerbel check your PM’s I wanna buy.