Onza vs. summit vs. KH

I was think of getting the united trials unicycle but now I’m not sure if I shouldn’t get one with a splined hub. What is the seat like on the Onza trials? I was thinking of going with the Summit but I already have a viscount seat and am not pleased with it. In the first week the front AND back bumpers fell off twice (I’ve currently been riding without the back one because of pure laziness). So I didn’t really want that seat again. Then I thought of getting the Onza with the KH seat upgrade but that’s only ten bucks cheaper than the KH unicycle so maybe I should go with that. Also is there anyway to get an Onza wheelset? I wanted to get the KH wheelset and a Yuni frame but the bearings won’t fit. So basically what I want to know how good the Onza seat is.


I can’t help you with any of your questions, but I’ve got some advice about the Viscout saddle. Mine did the same thing (like everyone’s) but all I had to do was remove the old screws and put in a couple of slightly bigger ones. The bumper hasn’t fallen off yet. Now I use a Miyata seat but this worked really well for the Viscount.


Never ridden an onza, but on unicycle.uk.com the saddle is advertised as a ‘viscount style trials’ seat. That can’t be good. I know what you mean about the visount seat though. Hated it.


I don’t own an Onza seat myself, but I have ridden one before. It is a similar shape to the viscount, with slightly less of a curve, which is good for trials but not so good for long distance (which you don’t really want to do on an Onza. The foam seems slightly softer but there is hardly any room under the front bumper, which is very unsuitable for trials and the sharp edges can cause blisters. Even when brand new, the viscount has a lot of flex in the bumper. I have not noticed this in the Onza seat. As for the KH saddle, I don’t own one of those either but have ridden one for about 3-4 miles and it seems VERY comfy. It has a lot of room under the handle and also the handle reaches forwards a lot from the front, giving good leverige when slowing down or going downhill. Even though I think it is a very good road seat i asume it would be equally good for trials. If I had the money I would go for the Onza and buy a KH saddle to go with it.

In answer to your question, I don’t like the Onza seat much, although it is comfier than the viscount

I have an Onza with a KH saddle. Although I wouldn’t consider anything that I can do as hard on the uni, I can’t seem to keep myself off of it for more than a few minutes and I bouce around on it everyday. It seems very solid to me. I looked at the KH trials when I was at the store and it too seemed like a great machine. The Onza however seemed to be of a more elegant design, was cheaper, and as far as I could tell had about the same potential for strength.

I haven’t used the Onza saddle so I can’t realy answer that question but Unicycle.uk.com is now advertising the Onza with the KH saddle as standard. Maybe they would do this at the U.S. shop too? When I was buying I figured that an unpgradable thing like a saddle wasn’t going to be the deciding feature on a uni. Just ask and they will upgrade almost anything on any uni for the difference.

Basically, no complaints so far from me on the Onza.


I ride a Summit. I love it but hate the seat. I’m going to try the bigger screws and see how that works. But I’ll tell you I love my Summit, it’s smooth and a great ride. It’s a bit heavy but nothing different then the KH in that department. I reccomend it.


are you sure that the kh whelset won’t fit the yuni frame,
i know that the kh wheelset uses 42mm bearings and the yuni is sold as having 40mm bearing holders,

given the variation in size in the yuni/nimbus frames,
and something i heard said about tiawanese frames (like the yuni) being made for 42mm bearings but working fine with 40mm.
(this may have only applied to sem xl frames though, but i have a sem xl and a yuni/nimbus and the bearing holders look identical)

i’d be tempted to wait untill somebody had tried it and found out.

surely by now someone would have tried to find out weather the 42mm bearings actually fit in the yuni/nimbus frame.


someone just needs to call the (unicycle)source - Unicycle.com

and ask them if it will work and then post here. I am out of the trials market for now - no real interest.

Ok I’ll probably call them because that is only $280 for a KH wheelset and a yuni frame.

Let’s face it.
The onza-saddle is the exact modell of the KH-saddle before the fusion cover, and the only diference between them and the vlo freestyleseat is another pattern for the cover, and lack of handle. They are the same, and that’s that.

it weights 5.85 kg (12.9 pounds) out of the box.

With half the foam gone and a kh-fusion cover, the frame painted white…

Two points, i’m running a KH wheelset with 42mm bearings in a nimbus frame with 40mm bearing holders, it works ok, you juts have to keep your eye on the bolts to make sure they’re not coming loose. Secondly, the standard Onza saddle seems identical to the KH, even down to the fusion style handle except of course the cover isn’t removable. I’ve ridden extensively on both, i really would never even consider swapping the onza saddle for any of the KH range, they really are so similar.

John, this has not been the case for about 2 years or more now. All Onza unicycles come with black/grey&yellow KH saddles with the front handle and Onza logo on the rear.


That post was made 2 years ago.:slight_smile:

errr, right. Any particular reason for this touch of nostalgia?

Thought something was wrong, I got bored of answering questions about which trials unicycle is best a long time ago. Maybe about the time I stopped doing any trials…



I think it’s because i read the “similar threads” at the bottom as the “latest posts”, sorry! :wink:
Makes you go back without knowing it!

for your viscount seat … just do like I did and put a kh handle on it and back bumper because the viscount ones r rlly weak… or just put a redeers handle on it …