Onza Vs Kris Holm

Hi de hi one and all…or none.
Decided a new unicycle is in order after hurting mine far too much recently. Don’t get me wrong lovely unicycle you and I have had some lovely times together, but I think it’s time I moved on. I do still love you, honest. Anyway, back to the matter in hand (she gets very emotional sometimes). What to go for, I’ve starting saving up some pennies and hopefully in a month or two should have enough for a lovely shiny new unibike. The question is what to go for? I’ve narrowed it down to either an onza or a Kris Holm trials…I think. Can give me a bit of guidance as to which is the better uni? I know it’s tough to take 2 things and say “Yes this one is definitely superior,” but if some people with experience with either and/or both of the unicycles could give me some guidance as to what each one’s strong and weak points are, it would be muchly appreciated. I’m planning to be doing mostly trials, and the odd wee bit of Muni. But am saving adventuring into the world of off road in any serious sense until I’ve saved up again and got myself a half decent Muni. I’ve not fully decided on what to get yet, so if anyone has any suggestions other than the onza or the kris holm that would be cool n groovy. Cheers ears. Kit
P.S. I know this ought really to go in the product review forum but this one seems to get the most readers, so bugger it! It’s here now, and here it shall stay.

I have neither, but this thread should help.


edit: just noticed I now appear to be an ‘expert unicyclist’ Wow, I’m honoured. Didn’t think I was that good, but who am I to argue with the forum? :slight_smile:

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I have a guy that works for me that calls it that. Of course he makes up words in the course of conversation all the time. It is so common we actually had a “Word of the Day” board dedicated to his vocabulary blunders.:smiley:

Words uttered by “Mike”
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Anybody else know someone like that? I swear I will be able to post a new one that he has muttered by the end of the day.

Get the onza itll hold up for ya for quite a while as you progress into harder and harder trials.

yeah, that had me looking over my shoulder to check if anyone who could blow my cover saw it
it’s an auto ‘upgrade’ that kicks in based on the amount of posts u make
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The Onza is definitely superior, based on the facts that it is prettier.

okay. I have the onza. My bro and friends have khs and summits.

(1) The onza is prettier
(2) both have kh style seat
(3) both have splined hub
(4) onza is lighter while kh is stronger (both are light and strong, though)
(5) onza has q-factor (cranks bend at angle away from wheel to prevent ankles from hitting nubs. This makes sharp turns harder and you are a little wider. But until you get used to it, the kh will kill your ankles.
(6) The kh seems to have a better crank attachment system. i will have a lot of trouble rmoving my left crank if i need to since crank grabs have turned the bolt into an oval and it wont turn (look for my post, “oh nooo”).
(7) both are about same cost.
(8) you will have to replace pedals for both
(9) kh replacement parts might be more accessible (i havent needed to replace anything so im not sure)
(10) onza has a yuni/nimbusII style crown while kh is flat ( i prefer the onza)
(11) kh has been more ridden and has proven to be great!
(12) onza is new (i have series II which just came out in november (?)) so is untested

so these are facts/opinions on this subject. since i have ridden both and kno people who have both, i consider myself somewhat knowlegable on the subject.

i would suggest the onza just because not as many people ride them and it would be good for everyone to know how good they are, which comes from testing. But if you dont want to be the guinea pig of a test, get the kh.

This question is kinda a tossup. The Onza and KH look just as good as eachother, but the Kh is stronger. The Onza, by my measurements, is about 2 lbs lighter, but also the quality of their hub/crankset is appearing to be unacceptable. Too many people have reported problems with the hub having playu in it, even after tightening the cranks. This isn’t a fatal problem, but trust me, it’s really unnerving when trying to to precision moves and you get this loud creak accompanied by about 1mm of movent of your crank. I have the Onza, but I think the KH is a better bet. At a camp I went to, we got a chance to compare the 2 sidebyside, and we observed multiple things. First, despite the measured weight difference, noone could feel it just by holding the 2. Secondly, the KH frame is manufactured with much greater precision. The Kh frame was manufacxtured with very good welds, while the Onza’s suck. Also, the Kh frame had even clearance from the tire, while the onza frame was offset abvout 2mm to one side. Thirdly, the KH had the nubs, which the owner didn’t complain about, while the onza didn’t. Fourth, the KH did look better than the Onza in person, although the Onza hub looked nicer. Fifth and finally, the wheelwalkers in the group noticed it wasa easier to wheelwalk the KH than the Onza, because the Onza frame got in the way. I’ve especially noticed this since then. aI also have the complaint that the hight profile Onza crown hits the side of your knees much more easily than the KH.

My $0.02

Señor Franklin-

I have some significant slop in my KH hub (trials). I just didnt want people to think that the KH was the definite winner in this area after reading your post.

The slop doesnt bother me much though. I dont think i even notice it any more. It’s been this way for a while and hasnt gotten any worse so i dont really mind.

Despite some small problems(ankle biter cranks and kinda wierd bearing holder shims), my KH is a beast! I’m glad i got it.

Just another opinion to add to the mix. -erik

gerble, a lot of your statements are valid but are opinions and coincidences. My wheel came centered, my welds are fine, and the problems with the crown probably have more to do with which one you are used to. Since my muni has a yuni frame, the onza was as good as I could have wanted. i find the kh to be inferior since i am not used to riding on it. Another thing, i can definitely feel a weight difference between the kh and onza.

dont forget, there are two onzas. uni.com hasnt updated the picture but the new one is much better looking. it DOES have knobs but the q-factor (as explained above) prevents them from being a problem. I can ww fine on the onza.

i do want hear which you decide on, when you do.

I think that if someone owns a KH, they will say that it is better and defend any mentioned problems, and if someone owns an Onza, they will do the same with it. Both have their own pros and cons. There have been many mentioned problems or things people would want different with both the Onza and KH.


this is exactly right. it was the position i was trying to take but it may have seemed biased. sorry if it did. the main thing i said before is that the kh is proven while the onza is too new to make any sure comments on.

Does anyone have both? I sort of doubt it, but someone may.

Re: Onza Vs Kris Holm

On Fri, 13 Feb 2004 08:40:12 -0600, MrBoogiejuice wrote:

>P.S. I know this ought really to go in the product review forum but this
>one seems to get the most readers, so bugger it! It’s here now, and here
>it shall stay.

I think your post fits here rather than in Product Reviews. Once you
got either the Onze or KH you can write a review, and THAT would feel
at home in PR.

And about “here it shall stay”: as a prediction that’s probably true,
but if you mean it as a commandment, you should know that a handful of
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I have a feeling you might need two points of contact with the ground for such a thing to work? Or at least training wheels on the front and rear. - John Foss commenting on a picture of a one-wheeled vehicle he saw on RSU.

I started the thread mentioned up above and my final decision ended up being neither. I ended up getting a GB4/Profile/Airseat set up. I have all of the parts that i could possibly dream of and its a gorgeous frame. So if you have the money (itll prolly be about 600 if you get a profile set up) Id get a custom frame from someone willing to do it and work from there just hwo you want it.

Well im making my own out of parts. I dont like the crank size and wideness of the Onza. Plus the frame, So many times ive hit myself in the knee after doing big jumps with the sticky out bit Grrr. The Kris holme seemed alittle heavy for me.


onza and kris holm

i agree that the onza is a little to big and bulky but the kris holm i think is just not to heavy but is also heavy duty. i have used kris holm for about 6 and a half years. i just resently bought a onza peddle of unicycle. com and it just hasnt worked out so i would stick with kris holm style

I do concede that now I’d probably feel the difference in wieght, but when I had the chance to compare, I could only hop about 14" seat in, so all unicycles felt the same weight (weightless). As for the decision, if you’re talking to me, I already have an Onza. I know there are 2 types, and actually, I like the paint job on the old one better, although the double keyway on the new one is much better. Other than that, they’re about the same. Also, the knobs are on the old one, as well. I fiind my feet do catch the knobs occasionally, despite the siderake/q-factor. Also, I’ve had my Onza for about 6 months, and I still hit my feet on the crown when I wheelwalk (which I must admit is rare, if my feet leave the pedals, it’s for one of 2 reasons. 1: I fell. 2: I want to glide/ coast. Wheelwalking just asn’t that fun to me anymore. Not to be arrogant, but it’s not challenging enough). The crown is sweet for standup ww and 1f ww/coasting/gliding, because it keeps your feet far from the tire. As for the frame problem, I guess the new Onzas were built better, because whoever TIG welded mine and the other one I got to inspect, mustn’t’ve known the meaning of “crater”. Also, both of the Onzas I’ve inspected have had the frame inaccuracies. But alas, in light of this new evidence of a crappy KH hub I’m, hearing about, the Onzas do sound better. My advice is to get whichever looks better to you, and look at unicycle.uk.com for the new Onza image, as it looks much different. As for my own opinion, because of this new crappy KH hub I’m hearing about, I’m glad to have an Onza, even if it’s 5,000 miles to the nearest Onza part distributor.

One thing you should seriously consider, between these two, is whether you really want q-factor (aka siderake, aka that swively thingy that keeps my ankles from getting hurt). I knew some riders who absolutely hatred the siderake, while others love it. I myself disliked it at first, but now I’m kinda apathetic. If you want straight cranks, forget about the Onza, but if you want sideraked cranks, forget about the KH. The question can be narrowed down to that.