Onza uni or upgraded Nimbus?

I was thinking about getting a new unicycle and was wondering how good the frame was on the Nimbus trials and if it was worth getting it and then upgrading to a splined crankset once the original ones break. I was looking at price differances, and the Onza trials which is about $420 USD, or, nimbus trials + Kris Holm Onza Hub & Crank Set which is about $375 USD (at unicycle.com). Including shipping. I want to save as much as possible, but want to get the best for the best price.

Just started unicycling christmas of 2004 but am already jumping off stuff 3’-4’ high, doing pedal grabs and such. Right now I ride a Torker LX and I can see and hear it breaking soon.



maybe someone else could tell you for sure, but i don’t know if the kris holm onza hub (and bearings) are going to fit right into those nimbus bearing holders. also the nimbus upgrade will need new spokes probably. plus a charge to put it all together.

i would save yourself the hassle and go for the onza or the new kh-trials because you might actually want the kh-saddle. if you bought that for the onza it would bring the final price up to the price of the kh.

also, since you are now a member of the austin one wheelers, be sure to ask for the club discount at unicycle.com.


QU ACKS OMG!!!111111oneone


I think obie is tryin to tell you to check out the 20in splined QuAx, pictures can be seen here and here

Unicycle.com doesnt say which model they got but make shure its the 2005 model, the older model had a wide heavy frame that people complained about hitting their knees.

Ive got a 20in Quax had it for about six months and no problems so far!
Im wanting to get a muni soon, and will probably get the quax,
German engineering where you need it most in a unicyle

Ha Ha thats just what im doing,looking for another one cuz my torker lx i got for christmas is going to go caputz soon.:smiley:

I emailed unicycle.com and they finaly sent a reply. The Qu-Ax they have is the 2005 model, but it has cotterless hub/cranks. Would it still be worth it? Are there other places that sell them with splined cranksets?


I’ve seen your riding.
Get splined.

Unicycle has both the Qu-Ax with the cotterless hub and the splined hub. Here is a link for the splined hub: http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=795

if you haven’t already bought one: i’m in very much the same position
I’ve been riding since the beginning of feb or mid jan, and i have an LX
I can do 3 foot drops, 12’’ jumps (15+ on my friend’s trials) pedal grabs, etc, and hope to go offroad
i have a KH 2005 Freeride in the mail to me right now and my friend just got his and loves it!
if you’re going to do trials, i’d go w/ the 2005 KH trials, it looks amazing, if offroad or a combination of MUni and trials (that’s me) then get the 24" KH Freeride

rock on!