onza trials

i was wondering if i should get the kris holm trials uni or the onza trials one. they have different hubs and cranks so it’s hard to compare.


People will argue for days about this if you let them and enough care. I say flip a coin, as it is a toss up.

biggest differences:

  1. KH has lower profile, so the crown is closer to the tire, making one-foot tricks really easy or something

  2. Onza has angled cranks so you don’t but your ankle as much

  3. I don’t know what the new KH handles look like, but the onza handle has contours underneath so you have more to hold on to and it’s really comfortable, where the KH and Torker handles seem to be sort of hollow. Know what I mean?

Conclusion: they’re both awesome.

ok…unicycle.com says the onza now has a kris holm saddle so i don’t think that matters. i’m still undecided cuz they’re almost the same price

Onza - Lighter
KH - Stiffer and slightly stronger

Thats what I always thought. But the Onzais plenty strong enough and the KH is plenty light enough. Flip a coin.

i bought a KH and love it. highly reccomended.

I bought an onza and I love it…Conclusion: They’re both funky machines, and you’ll be able to do exactly the same stuff on each, you’ll adapt to which ever one you get. So get the one you think looks prettier.

I just made my onza look a damned site sexier by making it stealth… All black, it’s lovely. Fusion seat cover, and picked off the grey and yellow stickers on the forks…mmmm FIT!


the onza is strong enough to get all jobs done, The KH also gets the job done.

I would say go onza, The crank arms don’t hit your ankles that bad and they’re cheaper, but you might have to tighten the spokes on it.

mine is also damn sexy, for it is gunmetal grey

The onza is by far more superior, because it’s prettier.

Get an onza, cause its cheaper, and looks cooler without any modification, and cause I command you, buy the good one.

onza trials

Although the new onza is good for crank-grabs and wheel walking, you need new spikes for the pedals before you ride it. I learned this the hard way, and now have 8 stiches in my leg from messing up on a uni spin.

Re: onza trials

Yeah there’s that whole leg mutilation thing, but also if you’re doing pedal grabs with those huge pins in, it’s too much pressure on the pedals and you can bust part of your pedal…like I did.