onza trials uni

I know that there has already been a thread about this but i missed it the first time around,
and my question was not asked. what i want to know is is the onza hub better than the profile hud?,
price is not my main concern i have been saving for a while and have enough for either.
my main concern is wieght, i am not concerd about the seat i would replace it with a miyata anyway.


ps:i am aware that the onza hub is not availible on its own i would get the whole uni

I know zilch about the Onza other than what I’ve seen in the pictures. One spec on the hub that is interesting is that they have 140mm cranks while the Profile has 145mm cranks. With the Profile I regularly hit my pedals on the ground when I do sharp turns or try to ride along a side slope. The Onza cranks claim to be 5mm shorter which could help prevent some of the pedal strikes, howerver it looks like the Onza has a wider Q-factor which could negate some of the shorter crank advantage. Someone will have to do a lean test with both an Onza and Profile Monty uni and see how far each can lean before hitting a pedal on the ground.


from what i can make out theres not much in it.

both are basicly mod trials front wheel hubs with a shortened bottom bracket axle in them.

both use cro-molly axles, and both have cnc machined hub shells (although the onza looks like it might be forged, roger at unicycle.uk.com informs me that it is cnc)
according to www.sheldonbrown.org forged hubs are stronger.

the onza is black and smooth with a picture of a porcupine screen printed on it and the profile is silver knobly and space age with a winged “P” machined into it

the profile has a lifetime warranty on the cranks and the axle, but not the hub shell(which is presumably the weakest link)
i have no idea what warranty the onza will have.

the onza will be available seperatly but not soon.
and the profile has to be shipped from the u.s.

and a profile will cost you more than a whole onza uni.

if price is not a thought then go with the profile.its in stock and easy to get.leave the waiting around stuff to someone with the patience for that line of duty.

i was patient for the Onza and the Norco but they took so long that last week i ordered a KH20 cause i saved so much while waiting.

"is the Profile stonger"you ask…i’d have to say yes cause its proved to be super durable. while the Onza may show this at a better price someday,the fact is that no-one can answer that question because, the thing aint being tortured by the masses yet.

to address the pedal scaping 145mm cranks i’m gonna look out for a thiner,narrower pin type pedal and lay off the pirouettes:)

Unicyclejoe wrote:

First, I believe the hub will be available separately along with different length cranks, don’t know when though. Can’t tell you its weight as I’ve only picked up the wheel/tire with my hand but I shouldn’t think there’s much in it. If Onza’s track record for their BMX set-ups is anything to go by it should be good. Profiles have had some brake but in 3 years of using the design in BMX’s Onza haven’t had one failure, apparently. Of course it has been adapted for the uni but from what I saw the 2 prototypes being put through they are strong.

If I bought the whole uni I’d go for the Kris Holm Velo saddle but I spend most of my time seated so if you like to do lots of seat out stuff the stock saddle is strong and quite nice to grab. Here’s the review we did of 5 saddles

Cheers, Gary

aparrently the e.t.a. on the onza is novemberish.

This is the first I’ve heard of a “conditional” warranty for the Profile hub and crankset. I’ve always been led to believe that the set carries an unconditional warranty on all parts. Where did you come across your information? Can others validate?


then it sould’nt be for sale on uni.uk then!!if Norco would release a photo we could have a dog fight on our hands…

I think that they don’t put a warranty on the actual hub shell because they can not control the way you lace the wheel. So if you lace I incorrectly or lace it radially and rip a spoke through one of the holes they wouldn’t want to be held responsible. I don’t really know but I found that most bicycle hubs are not warranted for this reason. Thats my understanding of it.