onza trials uni:how strong?

I’m thinking of buying the onza trials uni, but is it capable of standing up to drops of around 8 or 9 feet? If not, is there any good hub and crank set available in the UK that will?


r u sure ur a UNI NEWBIE!!! u should change ur status!

Simon in the UK has an Onza; he has recently bent his cranks doing drops. This is mainly because he appears to have no sense of fear or, well, any sense at all. He does drops that I would break myself on, let alone a unicycle.

It’ll take a lot to break an onza hub. I’d imagine it is the strongest hub in the UK; if you need more I’d suggest (a) life insurance and (b) getting some highly expensive Profiles from the US.


when I was a uni newbie, everything taller than curb height was 9 feet!

depends how heavy u r. Probably, if u weigh less than me (85kg, i think). Be realistic thou, u may well see yourself popping 7+ foot all over tyhe place, but i’ve found that i just get sick of thudding off stuff over 5 foot loads. There’s so much more to trials.
Anyway, yeah, prop will hold up if you’re light. Hey, ure names not Will Mott is it?


he’s called ric, and just hadnt changed his status yet, his biggest drop is about 6ft, (video up soon, when i find it)
there will be a trailer for a new unicycle video starring him up shortly. It’s being uploaded to the gallery at the moment


How soon will this video be up? I love watching unicycling videos and i’m making one myself in the next few weeks. I just watched UniVerse (although I don’t own it unfortunately) and it’s amazing. It’s a shame they didn’t have any in stock in PAL when I ended up getting One Tired Guy (which of course is also ridiculously good but I’d prefer UniNverse).


Ya- the Brittish have little-girly hubs -yaaaaa. You could sqwash them between your thumb and forfinger -like this squish- you feel that Leggo Man? squish.

Of coarse, you could buy a DM hub and splined crank set- but it would sqwash your pocket-book- like this squish.