Onza trials pedals


These look interesting…seems like a good alternative

I was having a look at them a while back; nothing came of it because SuperCycles didn’t have any. They look very grippy yet don’t rely on just a few pins, so might damage things less when grabbing. Maybe…


Looks to me like you could shred a park bench pretty well with those. I wonder why cage pedals are not used by unicyclists. My guess is that they would not provide a solid flat support area, especialy on drops.

It would be nice though, not to worry about losing pins, and they look very grippy.


The pointy bits on the caged pedals bend when pedal hits things or when the uni is dropped. You’ll need to get spare cages to replace bent ones. It’s cheaper to replace pins in a standard platform pedal instead of replacing bent cages.

The sawtooth nature of the cages also cuts into your footwear and reduces the effective lifetime of your shoes. They will cut into your shoe soles in a nice straight line.

Caged pedals are also blocky. I prefer pedals with an offset parallelogram design so they are self-righting when you step on them. The offset parallelogram automatically flips the pedal as you step on them. A blocky pedal will not automatically flip itself rightside up if you happen to step on the side of the pedal instead of the top.

Hmmmm look like VP double cage pedals… I hear bad things aboots them :frowning:

they seem to work very well for bike trials. mostly becuase of the insane grip factor for trials shoes. although bike trials dont seem to hit ther pedals on stuff to often.

This unicylist doesn’t use cage pedals cos when they hit your shin, they cut deep, as happened to me a few years ago. Needed six stitches, but hey, at least you could see the bone underneath… I’m sticking with platforms, which i find provide better grip anyway.


Ouch, sounds nasty!

I’ve been muniing 4 about a year now and luckily i havent had any accidents from my platform pedals, which seem very grippy and give good control. I’d stick with them if I were u.