Onza tire width

I know it says on the tyre that the onza tire is 2.5 but i just measured it, and in fact, it is not even close to 2.5, but closer to 2.8-3.0
Is this the same with the Monty?

no, monty is pretty exact

mine is just about exactly 2.5
sorry about the glare of the ruler
if the onza is wider, will it fir on the dx32 rim with yuni 20 inch frame?

I don’t know the answer to those width questions. But it’s true that tire widths (and diameters) can generally be assumed to be anything but what they say on the side.

The only way to know the true size of a tire is to put it on a rim, inflate it, and measure. I don’t think it matters too much what rim you use, unless there is a very large rim width difference between the one you’re measuring on and the one you plan to use. Width will be similar enough in any case to help you determine the width of frame you need.

Don’t measure tires that aren’t inflated. The diameter may be close enough, but the width will be impossible to estimate (except with skinny tires, in which case it shouldn’t matter).

Sounds like the two Onzas being compared may not be exactly the same tire?

I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate John Foss on knowing everything about unicyling. Your posts provide information to us all and I for one greatly appreciate it.

Way to go and thanks!
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You’re welcome Nick, and seems totally undeserved after a post in which I confess to have no idea of the dimensions of the Onza tire… :slight_smile:

I mesured my monty, it’s about 2.7inches. i d’ont understard how your’s is 2.5 exactly, that’s weird. Well, i’m getting an Alex DX32 because the monty doesn’t fit well. well. i hope you find your onza questions. I think it might say on the tronto unicyclist site, or you could try to email Onza. I’m sure they’d know.


I measured mine and its about 2.74 inches.

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Re: Onza tire width


I don’t have any answers for you. But, I have the Onza too. I’m not good enough for trials yet, so I just use it as a mini-MUni. For some mild off-road stuff. It’s fun in the snow, but be grateful you don’t have any in Texas. And I’m just starting to realize why a handle is needed.

I was wondering – don’t you need a handle for trials riding? (or at least WANT one?) If so, what are you going to do? unicycle.com told me that none of the handles they sell will fit the Onza saddle. I’m not sure if one could be modified. I bought the Kris Holm Saddle by Velo – it fits the Onza seat post perfectly and it has a handle. (the all-black Onza is awesome looking, but I got the black-and-red KH saddle – that looks great too)

Anyway, back to the tire – unicycle.com does not appear to sell that tire. Does anybody know where we can buy replacement tires for the Onza? (they do wear out…) Also, if the 2.5" is closer to 3", then is a 3" MUni tire bigger than 3" ?

uni57 (Dave)
P.S. - Watch out for the pedal pins! I ripped my leg open on one. Now, I either wear leg armor or I take the pins out, depending on riding conditions.

s/tire/tyre/gm if $UK;

Just to let you know, Onza and Monty tires are interchangable, so you can just get them from uni.com.

Also, most 3.0’s are not quite 3.0, my Intense I think is, but It’s not very deep so it’s not the best (still good, but not the best for trials). the Kujo DH is actually slightly bigger than Gazz, but not by much, and I dont think that was actually 3.0, more like 2.8 or .9? cant remember.