onza tensiles

I’m buying onza tensile cranks. I’m riding trials but never drop bigger
then 1.8m / 6 foot. Will thay hold me or I will bend them ?

Becuse thay are pretty exspensive I muss know if thay are good or I will bend them in one month of riding :o

I am 6’3", but I am also a really smooth rider. If you are hard, I would get moments. I have done 6 + ft drops dozens of times and a few big stair sets.

Ive done a 7ft drop on mine and they are fine.Best cranks i have ever had

I bend mine during a longjump comp… still rideable though

I think I’m smooth rider :smiley: Thay must hold me so I will buy it :slight_smile:
tnx :slight_smile:

I had a pair on my uni and they never broke or bent and I’ve done 6 stairs on them. Of course i only way like 130 pounds with clothes on…

I’m just little havier, about 140 pounds :smiley:

What is the weight difference between tensiles and moments???

100g / crank

Is the difference worth the extra cash assuming you dont bend them??

short answer: yes