ONZA Team Riders

I was browsing the Onza Bike Trials website and found this interesting link. http://www.onza.com/gallery/team/unicyclists/gallery_team_unicyclists_01.htm

Does anyone know who these fellows are? Way to go for breaking ground in the sport.

  • Sal

Looks kinda like Will and Adam. Sorry I don’t know any surnames.

looks like Adam and Si to me, but i might b wrong

So are they sponsored?

Re: ONZA Team Riders

andrew_carter <andrew_carter.mdkxn@timelimit.unicyclist.com> wrote:

> So are they sponsored?


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By and for UK riders

Speaking of being sponsored, I was wondering which unicyclists out there are actually sponsored. I know Kris Holm is, but who else? And what are the duties of a sponsored rider? Do they have to do something in particular? I assume they do, because I doubt any company would just give away money because a unicyclist is good.
Anyways, just curious. Post something if you know more about this than I do (which is probably everyone).

Here is some information about sponsorship Norco style. It will give you some info on what is expected for that level of sponsorship. Sponsorship from a smaller company or from a bike shop won’t be as demanding.

I’m sponcered through a local bike shop, they have Trials Demo’s and I ride with their Jersey and reffer people to their shop. In return they treat me well and get me the parts I need to keep riding at a good price. Its deffenatlly not the level of Kris’ sponcership but its a start.

Thanks Bike Line of Greensburg.

Mike Carroll

If anyone is in The Pittsburgh Area, this Sunday the 27th at St. Vincent College in Latrobe. Gary Fisher Mid Atlantic Mountain Bike Racing Team riders Jeremy Holdor and Jason McLean, will be doing a Bike Trials demonstation. Also I will be there representing Bikeline of Greensburg and riding Unicycle Trials.